XAFS Data Interchange: A single spectrum XAFS data file format.

We propose a standard data format for the interchange of XAFS data. The XAFS Data Interchange (XDI) standard is meant to encapsulate a single spectrum...
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CIF (Crystallographic Information File): A Standard for Crystallographic Data Interchange.
The Crystallographic Information File (CIF) uses the self-defining STAR file structure. This requires the creation of a dictionary of data names and definitions. A basic dictionary of terms needed to describe the crystal structures of small molecules

Uranium XAFS analysis of kidney from rats exposed to uranium.
The kidney is the critical target of uranium exposure because uranium accumulates in the proximal tubules and causes tubular damage, but the chemical nature of uranium in kidney, such as its chemical status in the toxic target site, is poorly underst

The NeXus data format.
NeXus is an effort by an international group of scientists to define a common data exchange and archival format for neutron, X-ray and muon experiments. NeXus is built on top of the scientific data format HDF5 and adds domain-specific rules for organ

XAFCA: a new XAFS beamline for catalysis research.
A new X-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS) spectroscopy beamline for fundamental and applied catalysis research, called XAFCA, has been built by the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, and the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source. XAFCA c

Single-molecule dataset (SMD): a generalized storage format for raw and processed single-molecule data.
Single-molecule techniques have emerged as incisive approaches for addressing a wide range of questions arising in contemporary biological research [Trends Biochem Sci 38:30-37, 2013; Nat Rev Genet 14:9-22, 2013; Curr Opin Struct Biol 2014, 28C:112-1

Strategies and limitations for fluorescence detection of XAFS at high flux beamlines.
The issue of detecting the XAFS signal from dilute samples is discussed in detail with the aim of making best use of high flux beamlines that provide up to 10(13) photons s(-1). Various detection methods are compared, including filters with slits, so

CRYSTMET-The NRCC Metals Crystallographic Data File.
CRYSTMET is a computer-readable database of critically evaluated crystallographic data for metals (including alloys, intermetallics and minerals) accompanied by pertinent chemical, physical and bibliographic information. It currently contains about 6

Health Data File: Overview and methodology.
This international compendium from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Secretariat contains available data for the 24 Member countries for 1960 through 1987. The Federal Republic of Germany is listed as Germany. Tables are prese

GLYDE-II: The GLYcan data exchange format.
The GLYcan Data Exchange (GLYDE) standard has been developed for the representation of the chemical structures of monosaccharides, glycans and glycoconjugates using a connection table formalism formatted in XML. This format allows structures, includi

MOSAIC: a data model and file formats for molecular simulations.
The MOlecular SimulAtion Interchange Conventions (MOSAIC) consist of a data model for molecular simulations and of concrete implementations of this data model in the form of file formats. MOSAIC is designed as a modular set of specifications, of whic