What shapes social decision making?

Outcome transparency and the weight given to social information both play important roles in decision making, but we argue that an overarching influen...
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Social Influences in Sequential Decision Making.
People often make decisions in a social environment. The present work examines social influence on people's decisions in a sequential decision-making situation. In the first experimental study, we implemented an information cascade paradigm, illustra

Norms and expectations in social decision-making.
Recent research has shown that stimulating right lateral prefrontal cortex (rLPFC) via transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) changes social norm compliance in economic decisions, with different types of compliance affected in different ways.

How social cognition can inform social decision making.
Social decision-making is often complex, requiring the decision-maker to make inferences of others' mental states in addition to engaging traditional decision-making processes like valuation and reward processing. A growing body of research in neuroe

Social-economical decision making in current and remitted major depression.
Prosocial emotions related to self-blame are important in guiding human altruistic decisions. These emotions are elevated in major depressive disorder (MDD), such that MDD has been associated with guilt-driven pathological hyper-altruism. However, th

Decision-making in social contexts in youth with ADHD.
This study examined reward-related decision-making in children and adolescents with ADHD in a social context, using economic games. We furthermore examined the role of individual differences in reward-related decision-making, specifically, the roles

Neural correlates of social decision-making in severely antisocial adolescents.
Neurobiological and behavioral findings suggest that the development of delinquent behavior is associated with atypical social-affective processing. However, to date, no study has examined neural processes associated with social interactions in sever

A social values analysis of parental decision making.
Social values theory was used to examine how parents make decisions for their adolescent children. Social values theory states that decision making for others is based on the social value of an action, leading to a norm for how to decide for others,

Impaired social decision making in patients with major depressive disorder.
Abnormal decision-making processes have been observed in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD). However, it is unresolved whether MDD patients show abnormalities in decision making in a social interaction context, in which decisions have actu

Neural mechanisms of social decision-making in the primate amygdala.
Social decisions require evaluation of costs and benefits to oneself and others. Long associated with emotion and vigilance, the amygdala has recently been implicated in both decision-making and social behavior. The amygdala signals reward and punish

Neural dynamics of social tie formation in economic decision-making.
The disposition for prosocial conduct, which contributes to cooperation as arising during social interaction, requires cortical network dynamics responsive to the development of social ties, or care about the interests of specific interaction partner