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What Can Man Believe In?

In this issue of the Journal, we present the second of a series of articles by thoughtful and distinguished authors on the general theme of man's guiding values and beliefs. We have asked each author not so m u c h to discuss his formal theological beliefs, or lack of them, as to state in simple language the principles of ethical value and action that he has f o u n d to be trustworthy in his personal experience. We are seeking not an orthodoxy or even a consensus, but rather an insight into the breadth and variety of h u m a n t h o u g h t and feeling in our complex and rapidly changing world. We hope to involve our readers in this process of expressing the varieties of ethical and religious faith and experience in our time. We therefore invite contributions to this series, reserving the editorial right, of course, to decide whether they shall appear in the Journal or not. We do not wish to limit our authors to the established, the professional, the recognized authorities alone. We are particularly interested in hearing from younger men and w o m e n who are just beginning careers in religion, medicine, psychiatry, and the behavioral sciences. Indeed, we shall consider sympathetically contributions from any and all som'ces, simply asking the two most pertinent questions: 1. Does the a u t h o r say something that is relevant to the h u m a n condition as well as to his own individual psyche? 2. Does he say it in a way that is clear, forceful, and understandable to a wide variety of truthseekers? All published contributions will become the property of the Journal, since we hope, eventually, to publish a useful and even an inspiring volume made up of the articles in this series. T h e customary Journal standards of style and usage will apply. THE EDITOR

What can man believe in?

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