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Welcome editorial After 28 years as Editor-in-Chief of Luminescence: the Journal of Bioluminescence and Chemical Luminescence, Professor LJ Kricka has decided to retire from his position. It is thanks to Professor Kricka’s pioneering vision and tireless commitment that Luminescence is the internationally recognised and respected journal that it is today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Kricka for initially inviting me to join the Advisory Board, as Associate Editor. Working alongside my fellow Advisory Board members, reviewers and authors, has been a valuable experience, giving me an insight into improving and maintaining the quality of the Journal. Five years on, I am pleased and honored to be offered the role of the new Editor-in-Chief, and acknowledge the ongoing responsibility of upholding the Journal’s high professional standing, while embracing the many challenges ahead. Launched by Professor Kricka, in 1986, the Journal was originally titled The Journal of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence, and for the first 15 years, until 2001, the Journal focused on these specific subjects. With the development of luminescence analysis, particularly fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, phosphorescence and electrochemiluminescence, the Editor-in-Chief recognised the need to broaden the Journal’s focus; to reflect the change the Journal was renamed Luminescence. Although many scientists continue to work in the fields of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence, and contribute to the Journal, manuscripts are increasingly focused on fluorescence, phosphorescence and electrochemiluminescence. The ongoing development of bioluminescence means that there will be more changes ahead. The Journal will continue to promote methods and applications of luminescence analysis, with more papers being published on new materials, new methods and new applications to improve the luminescence analysis. We realise that the application of luminescent analysis to basic biology and biochemistry is a continuously emerging

field. In that respect, we encourage authors working on fundamental and applied aspects of luminescence, in all its forms, including bioluminescence, chemiluminescence, electrochemiluminescence, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence, to submit their manuscripts to the Journal at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/bio. In light of the increasing number of online institutional subscription sales of Luminescence (over 91%), the Journal will move to online-only publication in 2015. This will offer faster issue publication times, better integration of online supporting information and no charges for colour figures. I am extremely pleased to announce the addition of two new Editors, Dr AP Francis from Deakin University, Australia, and Dr SJ Dhoble from Nagpur University, India, who will work alongside Dr F Berthold, based in Germany, and Professor Y Ohmiya, in Japan. The appointment of these distinguished scientists will ensure the continual advancement of Luminescence and I look forward to working with them. Also, in 2015 Dr Aldo Roda will take on the vital role of Associate Editor-in-Chief. I am also pleased to learn that Dr Sarah Ryan from Wiley– Blackwell will continue in her role. Her many years of experience on the Journal, ensuring that manuscripts conform to the journal format and re-directing them to the various editors for the review process, helps to ensure a manageable workload and I welcome her valuable input. In conclusion, after 28 years of hard work and dedication on the part of the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial team, Luminescence has become a widely recognised international journal. With the supports of our Editors, Editorial Advisory Board members, reviewers and authors, I see the Journal going from strength to strength, I will do my best in collaborating with my esteemed colleagues and scientists to further enhance the success of the Journal. Xinrong Zhang Analysis Center, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, PR China


Luminescence 2015; 30: 123

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