Unreliable data.

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Reducing Variability of Perimetric Global Indices from Eyes with Progressive Glaucoma by Censoring Unreliable Sensitivity Data.
Recent evidence suggests that increasing perimetric contrast all the way to 0 dB may not be clinically useful. This study examines whether raising the floor for point-wise sensitivities affects the ability of global indices to detect change.

Do dogs follow behavioral cues from an unreliable human?
Dogs are known to consistently follow human pointing gestures. In this study, we asked whether dogs "automatically" do this or whether they flexibly adjust their behavior depending upon the reliability of the pointer, demonstrated in an immediately p

Baroreflex dysfunction in sick newborns makes heart rate an unreliable surrogate for blood pressure changes.
Cerebral pressure passivity (CPP) in sick newborns can be detected by evaluating coupling between mean arterial pressure (MAP) and cerebral blood flow measured by near infra-red spectroscopy hemoglobin difference (HbD). However, continuous MAP monito