Surgeon L. P. Dickson, late Surgeon, Depot Sappers and Miners, and Officiating Civil Surgeon, Roorkee.

I.?Dabee, Hindu, aged 45, admitted on 15th November last, for congenital phimosis, and difficulty in micturition. The prepuce was much swollen and distended, with a purulent


and small stones could be


felt within

passing a small probe. I requested Baboo Mohendro Lall Bose, S. A. S., to circumcise him, which lie did on the 16th, and fifty-two small stones were found, from the size of a it,


mustard seed to that of a pea. II.?Sawai. Hindu, female child, aged five, was admitted on 12th December, with severe symptoms of stone. The urine was mixed with and followed by a copious puruI examined her bladder on admission, and, lent discharge. detecting a stone, I requested the Sub-assistant Surgeon to dilate the urethra witli a sponge tent, which lie did On the 14th, I endeavoured to extract the stone, with tlie dressing forceps (in the pocket case) ; but the blades were scarcely wide enough to grasp it firmly, and I only succeeded in breaking off two portions, weighing 20 grains, which (as we afterwards found) considerably reduced the lateral diameter. Ordering a tiny pair of lithotomy forceps to be made, which were ready on the 19th, on that day, I extracted the stone, which weighed 1 dram and 22 grains, with but little difficulty?the urethra being but slight after irrivery elastic. Tlie little patient suffered? tation, and was discharged with perfect control of her bladder on the 22nd.

Rooekee, "March 2, 1873.

Two Rare Cases of Stone.

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