Two Editors By Harvey Flack,

Dr. Flack is Chairman


the Editorial Board of the N.A.M.H?

important though people. They mark their own personalities and their interests the public prints that are

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with own

This is true of the serve. British Medical Journal and the Lancet and the Practitioner. It is true of the Daily Express and The Times and the Guardian, which I still think of as a Manchester achievement.


very different frame of reference this is equally true of Mental Health, the official journal of the for Mental Association National Health. The journal has grown and developed with the Association. It has reflected the varying fortunes of the N.A.M.H. and shared in its steady growth; a growth and development that has been remarkable by any standards in the last few decades. In




It has also reflected, loud and clear, the interests and skill and devotion of its Editor Dr. Roger F. Tredgold, who took on this difficult but rewarding task in 1947, not long after a cataclysmic war and at a time when all the concepts of mental health

undergoing an agonising reappraisal. Seventeen years is a long run of editorship in any printed form. Roger Tredgold can look back on a were

lot of difficulties overcome, a lot of advances and changes. His achievement is considerable and everyone who works in the N.A.M.H. or who reads Mental Health knows this. He decided a year ago that the time had come to transfer the burden of

So the December last year was the last to bear his Editor. But he has made }?. as transition as smooth as these thin? can ever be.




An introduction lll'S remains only to welcome \ successor the new Editor, Dr. L. Freeman, and to wish him &s. and successful a term of editorship that achieved by his predecessor. Freeman is consultant to \ a group of Northern hospitals, City of Salford, and to a number ^ It



voluntary organisations, having appointed when he was only 31-


studied medicine and psychology. t Oxford and he served as a psychi&tr with the Royal Army Medical at and a post-graduate tea1cfi hospital. He has contributed nufflet ^ articles to journals, both here an 0n North America, and has broadcast number of mental health a Besides many papers delivered meetings in this country, he lectured at universities in the % His wife Joan is herselt States. s psychologist and they have three and a daughter.




Mental Health is an element in the life and work of d N.A.M.H. It owes a very great Under to Dr. Roger Tredgold. editorship of Dr. Hugh Freeman should continue to grow and deve and to be as influential and as vvi1a and appreciated in all read different and expanding fields mental health in its widest sense-



Two Editors.

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