Indian Medical Gazette." Sir,?j have bcen induced to write on the treatment of cnolera by seeing in the Englishman that the disease had broken out among the British troops at Allahabad, and that ?f the five When I men attacked all had succumbed to it. in the Indian Immigration Service, cholera attacked after of the Sandthe two days leaving emigrants, about ueads ; of the 40 cases about a half had very severe symptoms oi the disease. I treated them with the oil of cinnamon, 4 or 5 drops on half a teaspoonful of sugar, and all of them recovered. I heard lately that the oil destroys microbes ; that being so confirms me in the opinion that it is the best remedy the disease. I trust that it will have a fair ti-ial by some tile medical nrnffission. T. D. ATKINS, M.K.C.S. Marie Ville, Lansdown Row, ?dallygunge, 8th August 1894. To the Editor,


Treatment of Cholera.

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