TITLE INDEX Vol. 3 (1974) & 4 (1975)

A Case of the Jaw Dysplasia with Buccal Mucous Cicatrial Trismus I. Noguchi, K. Oota and S. Fuse

3: 525

A Study of the Intra-oral Radiographic Technique in Our Department A. Yamamoto and Y. Goshima .

3: 185

Biological Basis for Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Dental Radiology T. Sasaki

3: 3

Cellular Kinetics in Mouse Incisors Following a Single X-irradiation T. Nogami, T. Sasaki and T. Nakamura

3: 287

A Control System of Physical Conditions of Exposure in Skull Roentgenography Y. Hirayama, H. Shibasaki, T. Sasaki and T. Nakamura .

3: 447

Advances in Computerized Cephalometrics R. F. Sloan, J. Chew and L. H. Bagha

Changing Concepts in the Teaching of Maxillofacial Radiology H. C. Fixott .

3: 39

3: 453

Cinefluorographie Cerebral Palsy Degluition Studies R. F. Sloan

3: 137

3: 535

Cinefluorographic Study of the Effects of Prosthetic Appliance (Speech Aid) on Swallowing Disorders H. Yoshimoto, Y. Okuno. T. Wada and Y. Fujiki

3: 139

Cineradiographic Studies in Patients with Cleft Lip, Alveolus and Plates B. Rottke, I. Fischer and H. Boning .

3: 145

Clinical and Radiographic Observation of Dens Invaginatus Y. Fujiki, M. Nabae, N. Tamaki and K. Kawahara .

3: 543

Clinical Evaluation of Ga-67 Citrate Scanning in Oral Region T. Higashi, K. Ito, T. Fujimura and E. Akamatsu .

3: 421

Clinic Cases Presentation A. Rumel and A. F. Tommasi


3: 133

Combination Cephalometric Tomography T. Iizuka, A. Kikuchi, N. Suzuki, I. Asami and Y. Shimizu.

3: 493

Combined Radiation and Bleomycin Therapy in Oral Cancer (A Preliminary Report) Y. Tanaka, H. Fuchihata, T. Makino and Y. Shigematsu .

3: 309

Combined Treatment of Oral Carcinoma with Irradiation and Bleomycin T. Ishida, J. Tamura, M. Higuchi, S. Nagahata, M. Komai, K. Kishi, K. Nishijima and K. Aono .

3: 303

Advantages of Using a Pantomographic X-ray as a Routine Survey for All New Patients D. A. Drake . A Familial Amelogenesis Imperfecta Hereditaria N. Yamada, M. Sasahara and T. Murai

3: 129

Alterations of Dental Structures on Account of Traumatic Causes F. R. Velasco and G. V. Cruz .

3: 125

Analysis of Motion of Skeletal Segments following, Surgical-orthodontic Correction of Maxillary Retrusion. Application of a new roentgen stereophotogrammetric method. B. Rune, K.-V. Sarnas and G. Selvik'. Anatomical Variation in the Region of the Mandible R. N. Sutton . A New Tomographic Technique for Antrum Survey by Means of Twice Split Exposure S. Mimura, K. Shinoda and T. Nishioka


3: 77

3: 499

Angiographies in the Maxillo-facial Area M. Wannenmacher and J. Schutz.

3: 155

Annual Translation on Number of Dental X-ray Units and Film Used in Japan (1961-1970) T. Seki and K. Furumoto .

3: 181

A Study of One Thousand Cases of Full Mouth X-ray P. Dhiravarangkura, S. Nanthaviroj and H. Saraithong

3: 51


Comparison of Dosimetric Measurements with Different Radiographic Panorama Projection Techniques E. Sonnabend and D. F. Regulla.

Frontal Tomography of the Temporomandibular Joint T. Shimano 3: 203

Contribution to the Study of the Syndrome of the First and Second Branchial Arches G. W. Faivovich and J. Contardo.

3: 331

3: 441

Fundamental Study on Contour Development in Multidirectional Tomography M. Iikubo, J. Sato and H. Aizawa . 3: 433

Graduate Course on Dental Maxillofacial Radiology A. Rumel .


Investigation of the Functional Condition and Structure of the Salivary Glands with Tc-99m Gammagraphy T. Fujimura, K. Ito, W. Aoyama and T. Higashi.


Diagnosis of Malignant Tumors by Radioisotope Scanning K. Furumoto, T. Masukawa, M. Yashiro and T. Seki 3: 417

Interrelation of the Carpal Bone Index and Orthopantomographic Dental Ages in Korean Children H. K. Ahn, D. S. You and T. W. Park


International Abstracts


Difficulties and Limitations in the Assessment of X-ray Films of Unrepaired Cleft Lip, Alveolus and Palate Patients - A Morphological Study G. W. Ehmann .

Jaw Movement in a Patient of Condyle Hyperplasia I. Noguchi, K. Oota and S. Fuse .


3: 347

Dose Distribution in Orthopantomography U. Welander .

3: 29

Limitations of Panoramic X-ray Methods T. O. J. [ung .


Local Anaesthetic Diffusion Visualized by Means of a Contrast Medium L. A. Perrelet and W. E. Aeby .


Macroradiography of the Dentition and Periodontal Structures H. Tamaki .


Measurement of X-ray Exposure of Ocular Lens in Dento-maxillofacial Radiography F. Sitzmann


Method of Investigation of the Temporomandibular Joints Using the Orthopantomograph J. H. Greig and F. W. Musaph .


Dental Anomalies, Their Incidence in Chile G. V. Cruz and F. R. Velasco . Diagnosis and Clinical Observation of Impaction of Upper Central Permanent Incisors T. Noda Description of a new cephalostat and its performance M.Iikubo, S. Korsell and K.-A.Omnell

Experimental Studies of Radiation Effects on Tumor Growth Under HighPressure Oxygen E. Fujimura, H. Tanioka, T. Kawai and H. Fuchihata Examination into Conditions of Panoramix T. Masukawa, K. Endo, F. Fujimori and I. Yamagata.

Fibrous Dysplasia of Facial Bones A Preliminary Report of a Roentgenographic and Scintigraphic Study M. Rohlin and B. Nosslin

3: 339

3: 121

3: 25

3: 297

3: 277

3: 519


Microradiographic Findings in Bone Fluorosis V. Freitag .

3: 95

Monochromatic Colour Film (Blue Medichrome Film, Agfa-Gevaert) in Routine Roentgen Examination U. Welander and H. Wilbrand .

3: 487

Myxoma of the Maxilla S. A. [akhi, K. H. Kapadia and M. V. Ingle

3: 401

Objectives for the Postgraduate Curriculum L. Hollender Objectives for the Undergraduate Curriculum K.-A. Omnell .

3 : 43

3: 35

Oblique Roentgenographic Cephalometry of the Eruption of Canine, Premolar and Molar Teeth F. Ishikawa, T. Kamegai and E. Matsuhashi .

3: 489

Osteopetrosis K. Maeda, M. Katagiri and E. Satoh

3: 509

Panoramic Roentgen Anatomy of the Maxillary Sinus T. Ohba and Y. Ogawa . Parotid Function in Relation to the Sialographic Appearance in Rheumatoid Arthritis S. Ericson .

3: 267

3: 167

Patient Exposures from Full Mouth Roentgenography, Orthopantomography and Panagraphy J. Takahashi, T. Todokoro, S. Nishikawa, M. Shiojima and A. Kikuchi 3: 199 Perceptibility of radiation contrast and image quality in Kodak Defilux Film A. Frykholm and U. Welander . Periodic roentgenography of the temporomandibular joint O. Eckerdal and M. Lundberg . Possibilities and Problems of Modern Dosimetry Techniques in Dentistry D. F. Regulla . 120

Practical value of scintiscanning of salivary gland tumors. A review of 52 cases G. Szabo

4: 43

Professor Yrijo V. Paatero. The pioneer of panoramic oral tomography E. H. Tammisalo .

4: 53

Radio Diagnostics to Determine Diseases of the Salivary Glands Th. Brands.

3: 169

Radiation Dose for Supine and Upright Positions in Intraoral Radiography A. H. Shawkat, J. D. Phillips and T. E. Banks .

3: 213

Radiation Therapy of Carcinoma of the Mouth Following the Synchronization of Cell Dividing Rhythm M. F. Wannenmacher .

3: 285

Radiographical and Clinico-Pathological Analysis of Fibro-osseous Lesions of the Jaws T. Kawai, S. Aragaki, S. Sone, T. Wada, H. Fuchihata, K. Imai and T. Terasaki 3: 527 Radiographical Investigation of Submucous Premaxillary Bone Cleft Associated with Incomplete Cleft Lip Y. Fujiki, N. Tamaki, H. Nakajima, K. Kawahara, M. Nabae and T. Fujii

3: 363

Radiographic Assessment of Changes of the Proximal Periodontal Bone Level After Surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease 1. Kawanishi, M. Nakamura, M. S. Lieu and H. Nagata. 3: 105

4: 31

Radiographic Films and Screen-Film Combinations as a Factor in Radiation Hygiene J. Van Aken .

3: 15

4: 4

Radiographic Findings of Functional Disorders in the Parathyroid Glands H. Inomata, N. Yamada and T. Murai


3: 191

Radiography of the Temporomandibular Joints W. J. Updegrave .

3: 237

Radiography of the Temporomandibular Joint utilizing the Transmaxillary Projection. A comparison of the information obtained with the oblique lateral transcranial projection versus the transmaxillary projection. A. Petersson and S. Nanthaviroj

4: 77

Radiological Diagnosis of Fractures of the Middle Third of the Face in Patients with Severe Multiple Injuries V. Freitag

3: 513

Radiological Evaluation of Alveolus Cleft O. Kriens

3: 35

Radiological Study of Cyst-like Lesions in the Maxillary Sinus. T. Ohba and L. R. Mason-Hing Radiology of Dental Changes in Burkitt's Lymphoma A. K. Adatia .

3: 405

Radiotherapy of Carcinoma of the Buccal Mucosa Y. Tanaka, T. Wada, and H. Fuchihata


Radiotherapy of Carcinoma of the Mouth Floor T. Wada, H. Fuchihata, and Y. Shigematsu Reproducibility of Temporomandibular Joint Radiographs utilizing Transmaxillary Projection and Oblique lateral Transcranial Projection with Individualized Technique. A. Petersson

4: 100

3: 323

4: 87

Roentgeno-anatomical Study on Alveolar Cleft S. Uemura, M. Fujishita, and H. Fuchihata

3: 369

Roentgenographic Evaluation on the Maxillofacial Morphology H. K. Ahn, D. S. You, and T. W. Park

3: 63

Roentgenographic Ameloblastoma M. P. Arenas .



Roentgenographic Techniques for Localization of Impacted Teeth and Foreign Bodies L. Alfaro L. and J. S. Pedro. Roentgenological changes in anteroposterior nasopharyngeal dimensions

3: 379

3: 113

in 6 to 15 year olds. C. O. Henrikson, S. Lindner-Aronson and B. Westborg


Roentgenological Studies on Taurodontia H. Mizuguchi and T. Yanagisawa

3: 337

Roentgeno-pathological Analysis of Ameloblastoma K. Takahata, S. Sone, T. Wada, and T. Ishida

3: 381

Seriographic Studies on the Movement of Tongue and Soft Palate K. Ogasawara, S. Nanbara, and T. Yanagisawa

3: 151

Seven Cases of Adenoameloblastoma K. Imai, Y. Miyoshi, K. Uchinoumi, and Y. Fujiki .

3: 389

Specific Problems of Personnel Monitoring in Dentistry D. F. Regulla .

3: 21

Standardization of Positioning of Patients in Panoramic Radiograph F. Musaph .

3: 261

Statistical and Roentgenological Information on Third-Molar-Influence C. W. Schwarze .

3: 69

Studies on Radiation Oral Death Y. Matsueda, H. Mizuguchi, and T. Yanagisawa

3: 295

Study on Sialogram Affected by Various Technical Factors; Particularly by Contrast Medium S. Kanda and M. Takeda.

3: 457

Summary Report on Switzerland's Radiation Safety Legislation as Applied to Dentistry L. A. Perrelet .

3: 31

Supernumerary and CongenitallyMissing Teeth Associated with Cleft Lip Y. Fujiki, N. Tamaki, M. Nabae, K. Kawahara, Y. Mino, and R. Yoshinaga

3: 359

Survey of Dental X-rays Apparatus Concerning X-ray Protection E. Sonnabend .


Symposium: Radiation Protection in Dental Practice 3:3-34 121

The Theoretical Principle of Narrow Beam Rotation Radiography, a Mathematical Model U. Welander .

3: 425

The transmaxillary projection in temporomandibular joint radiography. L. R. Bean, A. Petersson and A. Svensson


3: 395

The Value of Radiographs in the Preparation of Teeth for Crowns T. O. J. [ung .


4: 49

Three Types of Mini-Tomographic Apparatuses H. Numata, A. Numata, and M. Numata .

3: 427

T. M. J. Roentgendiagnostic Findings Employing de Almenara's Projection Plane S. M. de Almenara .

3: 247

Tomographic Examination of Tempero Mandibular Joint Injuries in Children R. K. Hall.

3: 227

Tomography in Diagnosis of Congenital Malformations of the Mandibular Arch W. Ritter and K. Terrahe.


Trends in Dental X-ray Protection in the u.s.A. L. R. Manson-Hing .

3: 11

Unilateral Doubling of Mandibular Condyle G. Lysell and T. Oberg

4: 91

Vascular Alteration in the Irradiated Bone Marrow of the Rabbit Mandible: A Microangiographic Study I. Sato, F. Ikoma, M. Kaneko, F. Fujimori, and K. Furumoto

3: 291

Velo-Pharyngeal Radiology R. F. Sloan and S. W. Brummett

3: 149

Xeroradiography in the Maxillofacial Area J. Schlitz, and M. Wannenmacher

3 :479'

Symposium: The Teaching of Dento Maxillofacial Radiology . 3: 35-50

Teleradiography and Photography Superimposed M. Cossin, Y. Kessler, and J. Dautrey Ten Cases of Myxoma (Myxofibroma) of the Jaws K. Imai, Y. Koseki, M. Garno, and Y. Fujiki The department of oral roentgenology in the Dental School of the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. F. van Aken The distribution of absorbed dose and mean energy imparted in orthopantomography. O. Nystrom, U. We lander and G. Wickman

3: 483

4: 38

The Movements of the TMJ During Registration with Central Bearing Point X-ray Cinematography P. Fuchs

3: 221

The ORBIX, a New Precision Apparatus for Skeletal Radiography C Radberg and U. Welander .

3: 463

The Orthopantomograph in Maxillofacial Diagnosis L. Alfaro L. and P. Vidal R. .

3: 255

The Possibility of Making Orthopantomography a Routine Dental X-ray Procedure in Place of Conventional Periapical Radiography Y. Goshima, A. Yamamoto, and T. Adachi The Radiology Section of the Department of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases of the University of Trieste, Italy M. Silla The Role of Oral Radiology in Dental Implants S. Yanagisawa and E. Sairenji The Role of Radiotherapy in the Management of Gingival Cancer H. Fuchihata, Y. Shigematsu, Y. Tanaka, and S. Uemura 122

3: 279

4: 108

3: 97

3: 319

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