WEBWISE The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a charity based near Cambridge that strives to develop greater understanding of the role of genetics in health and disease. The institute is a leader in the human genome project, with multiple partners attempting to sequence DNA in the hope that this will bring greater understanding of our susceptibility to diseases such as cancer, diabetes and malaria, which are partially genetically determined. Its website focuses on recent achievements. There is a description of how a newly identified breast cancer gene could help speed up the search for targeted treatments. Another item describes how researchers have pinpointed 12 new genetic causes of developmental disorders. A separate section on research carried out on humans, mice and zebrafish (a tropical freshwater fish) is stuffed with intriguing detail. How does smell affect the behaviour of mice? How do fish behave if we create mutations in their genes? A further study describes how researchers are investigating dysentery by studying a bacterial sample from a soldier who fought in the first world war. The site offers a range of resources, including raw data and software, databases and details of training courses. There are frequent references to strange genes and chromosomes with numeric and alphabetic names, but the language is straightforward and it is all presented in bite-sized chunks. Christian Duffin is a freelance journalist www.sanger.ac.uk See www.nursing-standard.co.uk for previous website reviews


TV :: radio :: books :: websites :: apps The Psychology of Babies ★★★★★

The first two years of a child’s life are a critical time and have a lasting impact. From infant bonding through to a toddler’s ability to play, co-operate, understand people’s experiences and contribute to family dynamics, developmental psychologist Lynne Murray offers a fascinating insight into these early years. Using the latest scientific research, Professor Murray gives an excellent account of the psychological development of the child. The content is divided into four key areas: social understanding, attachment, self-control and intelligence/ cognitive development.

The roles of parents, carers and the child’s emotional universe are highlighted throughout and we see what influences unite to shape children’s understanding of their world. Lavishly illustrated with beautiful colour photographs of parent-child social interactions, the book has an easy-to-read, friendly style, and is essential reading for nursing students and others involved in the care and development of children. It is also a practical and instructive resource for new parents. The love and joy that accompanies a new addition to a family is palpable throughout the text. With society increasingly focusing on attachment, advice is offered on how to make babies feel secure and confident, as well as on managing sleep and behavioural problems.

Lynne Murray | Constable & Robinson | 272pp | £16.99 | ISBN: 978 1 8490 1293 5 Reviewed by Valerie McGurk, practice development facilitator, paediatrics, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

DSM-5 Made Easy – The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis ★★★★★ This book is an invaluable guide to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and to psychiatric disorders and their diagnosis. It incorporates a wide range of useful features. Each chapter deals with a specific psychiatric disorder and includes a quick guide to diagnosis. Each diagnosis then has an introduction outlining presentations, followed by an essential features box.

There are more than 130 case studies that illustrate the diagnostic process and side notes to highlight particular pieces of information relevant to the disorder and diagnosis. These case studies help to bring the diagnoses to life and explain them in real-world situations. As well as 18 chapters on psychiatric disorders, there are two follow-on sections. The first of these looks at behaviours that are not mental disorders listed in the DSM-5, but may need to be taken into consideration in clinical situations. This book will be invaluable for nursing students and mental health professionals, and anyone with an interest in mental health and wellbeing.

James Morrison | The Guilford Press | 652pp | $75/£50.99 | ISBN: 978 1 4625 1442 7 Reviewed by Marc Cornock, senior lecturer in law, school of law, the Open University

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The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a charity based near Cambridge that strives to develop greater understanding of the role of genetics in health ...
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