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cholera, it seems to me, with all respect for my friend, Dr. Nicholson, who has so very ably enunciated the above theory of Lowenthal's, and

his remarkable success, that the practice recommended by him of giving ' salol' in the stage of collapse, is wrong. The justification for the exhibition of this drug, is its powerful antiseptic property, and destructive effect on the so-called cholera bacillus, and it seems clear that to produce its effect, it should be administered as soon as possible after the ingestion of the bacilli, and not when the other assumed stages?the escape from the stomach, the meeting with the pancreatic juice, the formation and absorption of the toxic ptomaine (all of which have been accomplished by the time collapse has been established)?have already taken place. Moreover, considering the well-known condition of the intestinal canal, viz., that its functions are more or less reversed, it is more than probable that the exhibition of powerful medicines during the stage of collapse, merely lessens the chances of recovery. While holding the above views, and believing that salol, or any similar drug of antiseptic properties, to be of value, must be administered either as a prophylactic or at the very beginning of the disease, I resolved, during the recent epidemic to give Dr. Nicholson's method a trial, and instructed my Assistant Surgeon Babu Nritto Gopal Mittra, and two hospital assistants


The Treatment of Cholera by Salol.

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