cramps in legs ; very restless; had passed several large rice-water stools ; urine suppressed. At 8 a.m. body slightly warm ; cramps less ; had passed another rice-water stool. At At At At.

9 A.M. easy and sleeping quietly. 2 P M. easy but weak; had some brandy. 3 p M. had some more brandy and chicken broth. 5 P.M. passed urine. No. II.?Female, aged 15, attacked at, 7 A.M. Treatment commenced at noon. Skin cold ; cramps in legs and abdomen ; vomiting and rice-water purging ; urine suppressed ; very restless; improved gradually ; passed urine at noon the next day. No. III.?Female, aged 10, attacked at I a.m. Treatment commenced at noon. Symptoms similar to No. II. Well and sble to move about at 5 P.M. No. IV.?Female, attacked at 8 A.M. Treatment commenced at 8-30 p.m. Skin cold and clammy ; face pinched; voice whispering ; pulse imperceptible ; severe cramps in abdomen and extremities ; great thirst ; very restless ; stools rice-water; urine suppressed ; had been vomiting, but not since 6 p.m. At 10 p.m. gentle warmth of skin ; some pulse ; cramps ceased. At 11 p.m. thirst relieved, otherwise the same as at 10 P.M.; slept well and passed urine at 4 A M. No. Y.?Female, aged 40, attacked 1 A.M. Treatment commenced at 7 A.M. Skin icy cold ; eyes sunken ; voice low ; cramps in legs ; great thirst ; no pulse ; very resilesss ; urine suppressed ; vomiting and rice-water purging. At 11 a.m. cramps relieved ; had slept ; no purging or vomiting ; skin slightly warmer. At 6 P.M. pulse fair ; had slept well.; passed urine at 4 A.M. No. YI.?Male, aged 10, attacked at 10 a?m. Treatment commenced at 2 P.M. Vomiting and rice-water purging ; great thirst. ; eyes sunken ; voice husky ; face pinched ; severe cramps ; great restlessness ; pulseless ; urine suppressed ; skin cold. At 5 p.m. skin warmer; no cramps ; no purging, but stomach still irritable. At 5? P M. pulse perceptible; improved gradually; passed urine at G A.M. No. YII.?Male, aged 20, attacked at 3-30 A.M. Treatment commenced at 7"30 A. M. Skin moderately warm pulse weak ; purging and vomiting; motions rice-water; severe cramps ; great thirst ; urine suppressed. At 9| A.M. vomiting ceased. At 10| a.m. purging ceased ; cramps relieved ; passed urine ?


the sulphurous acid treatment of cholera. TO THE EDITOR OF THE




report on fire cases of cholera treated just Sib,?I by sulphurous acid fumes ; the report is by Surgeon McConnell, and is contained in your paper of the 1st instant. I beg to forward you brief notes of 10 cases treated successfully here by sulphurous acid, which, I trust, you will make room for in yourpaper of fhelst April,* as the subject isone of importance:? No. I.?Male, aged 58, attacked at 2 a.m. Treatment commenced at 7 A.M. Skin cold ; voice husky ; eyes sunken ; severe have





seen a



received in time for


April Number.?

At lli A.M. had slept soundly; passed urine freely. No. VIII ?Female, aged 35, attacked at 6 A.M. Treatment commenced at 3 P.M. Skin icy cold ; eyes sunken; face pinched ; voice husky; no pulse; great thirst; severe cramps; urine suppressed ; motions rice-water. At 5 P.M. much the same. At f? P.M. cramps less. no cramps; no thirst; purging continues every At 9 P.M. 2 or 3 hours. At 7 A.M. skin still icy cold ; motion at midnight and at 4 A.M. At 10 A.M. skin warm; pulse good ; one motion semi-fluid, yellowish ; passed urine freely. No. IX.?Male, asred 20, attacked 3 P.M. Treatment commenced at 11 P.M. Motions frequent, passed almost involuntarily rice-water ; urine suppressed ; no pulse ; skin cold and clammy ; voice husky ; cramps severe ; vomiting a thin watery fluid. At midnight, cramps less; pulse just perceptible. At 1 A.M. cramps relieved, otherwise the same. At 2 a.m. body slightly warmer; extremities cold ; pulse

gradually gaining.

At 7 a.m. motions tremities still cold. At 2 P.M. turpentine in





slightly brown;


suddenly became very cold. Was given jss mucilage, which, however, he brought up imme-

At 6 P.M. skin warm again ; pulse gaining. At 5 A.M. passed a small quantity of urine, and ngnin freely in the afternoon. No. X.? Male, aged 29, attacked at 6 P.M. Treatment commenced at 10-45 p.m. Prostration great; skin cold ; pulse scarcely perceptible; grent restlessness ; thirsty ; severe cramps of legs and abdomen ; rice-wuter stools; urine suppressed.

May 1,








skin wirmer, and pulse fuller. nearly gone.


At 2 A.M. passed a small, scanty, liquid, yellowish stool. At 2|a. M. quite easy and asleep ; passed urine at 2| P. M. All these cases recovered without any further untoward symptom. There was no reaction or so-called reaction and consecutive fever, the

The Sulphurous Acid Treatment of Cholera.

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