"The map is not the territory".

Bentley et al.'s claim that their "map … captures the essence of decision making" (target article, Abstract) is deconstructed and shown to originate i...
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The social space of empowerment within epilepsy services: The map is not the terrain.
Empowerment is now seen as an integral component of holistic practice and service design in healthcare, particularly as it relates to the improvement of quality of life for people with epilepsy. However, the literature suggests that empowerment is a

The Map in Our Head Is Not Oriented North: Evidence from a Real-World Environment.
Like most physical maps, recent research has suggested that cognitive maps of familiar environments may have a north-up orientation. We demonstrate that north orientation is not a necessary feature of cognitive maps and instead may arise due to coinc

Economics is all over the map.
Bentley et al. say that economics is the science of their map's northwest quadrant, where choice is individual and transparent. This accepts the picture of the discipline common among behavioral economists who aim to drag economics southward but not

Expanding the brain glucosensing territory.
Brain glucosensing neurons monitor extracellular glucose concentrations and act to defend normoglycemia. To date, the majority of these neurons have been ascribed to hypothalamic and hindbrain centers. In this issue, Garfield and colleagues (2014) de

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Although it is well-accepted that the geomagnetic field (GMF) plays an important role in animal navigation and migration, key problems remain unanswered. To explain the puzzling ability of hatchlings to embark on unexplored migrational journeys we hy

The MAP1B case: an old MAP that is new again.
The functions of microtubule-associated protein 1B (MAP1B) have historically been linked to the development of the nervous system, based on its very early expression in neurons and glial cells. Moreover, mice in which MAP1B is genetically inactivated

Cancer heterogeneity is not compatible with one unique cancer cell metabolic map.
The Warburg effect and its accompanying metabolic features (anaplerosis, cataplerosis) are presented in textbooks and reviews as a hallmark (general characteristic): the metabolic map of cancer. On the other hand, research articles on specific tumors