The Influence of Interfering Substances on the Antimicrobial Activity of Selected Quaternary Ammonium Compounds.

Standard cleaning processes may not remove all the soiling typically found in food industry, such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. Contaminants ha...
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Quaternary ammonium poly(diethylaminoethyl methacrylate) possessing antimicrobial activity.
Quaternary ammonium (QA) methacrylate monomers and polymers were synthesized from a N-alkylation of N,N-diethylaminoethyl methacrylate (DEAEM) monomer. Linear copolymers, and for the first time reported crosslinked nanoparticles (NPs), based QA-PDEAE

Synergistic antimicrobial activity based on the combined use of a gemini-quaternary ammonium compound and ultraviolet-A light.
This study examined the utility of synergistic disinfection employing a gemini-quaternary ammonium salt (a gemini-QUAT, namely 3,3'-(2,7-dioxaoctane)bis(1-decylpyridinium bromide)), as an organic biocide in combination with irradiation by an ultravio

Antimicrobial activity of a quaternary ammonium methacryloxy silicate-containing acrylic resin: a randomised clinical trial.
Quaternary ammonium methacryloxy silicate (QAMS)-containing acrylic resin demonstrated contact-killing antimicrobial ability in vitro after three months of water storage. The objective of the present double-blind randomised clinical trial was to dete

Antimicrobial polymeric materials with quaternary ammonium and phosphonium salts.
Polymeric materials containing quaternary ammonium and/or phosphonium salts have been extensively studied and applied to a variety of antimicrobial-relevant areas. With various architectures, polymeric quaternary ammonium/phosphonium salts were prepa

Effect of Quaternary Ammonium Salts with Fluorine Atoms on Selected Weed Species.
This study investigated the effects of four structurally different quaternary ammonium salts (QASs), i.e., tetrabutylammonium tetrafluoroborate [TBA][BF4], tetrahexylammonium tetrafluoroborate [THA][BF4], tetrabutylammonium hexafluorophosphate [TBA][

Mutagenic activity of quaternary ammonium salt derivatives of carbohydrates.
This paper presents a study on a series of quaternary ammonium salt (QAS) derivatives of glucopyranosides with an elongated hydrophobic hydrocarbon chain. The new N-[6-(β-D-glucopyranosyloxy)hexyl]ammonium bromides and their O-acetyl derivatives were

Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Quaternary Ammonium 4-Deoxypyridoxine Derivatives.
A series of novel quaternary ammonium 4-deoxypyridoxine derivatives was synthesized. Two compounds demonstrated excellent activity against a panel of Gram-positive methicillin-resistant S. aureus strains with MICs in the range of 0.5-2 μg/mL, exceedi

The Listeria monocytogenes transposon Tn6188 provides increased tolerance to various quaternary ammonium compounds and ethidium bromide.
Tolerance of the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes to sublethal concentrations of disinfectants has been frequently reported. Particularly, quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) such as benzalkonium chloride (BC) are often used in disinfectant

Synthesis, photophysical and antimicrobial activity of new water soluble ammonium quaternary benzanthrone in solution and in polylactide film.
The synthesis of a new cationic water soluble fluorescent 1-[(7-oxo-7H-benzo[de]anthracen-3-ylcarbamoyl)-methyl]-triethylammonium chloride (B) has been described. Due to the presence of the quaternary amino group, the compound is soluble in water. It