Journal of Human Kinetics K volu ume 55/2017 7, 5 DOI: 10.1515/hukin-22017-0001 Racket Sports

The fastest balll gamess from th he viewpoint off science e

by Miiran Kond drič1 Sciencee in racket sp ports is a pro ocess, not ju ust a theory. The main am mbition of th he three-day ITTF Sportss Science and d World Rack ket Sports Co ongresses heeld on 23 to 25 2 May 2015 in Suzhou w was to discuss the actuall priorities fo or improving g scientific research r amo ong all four major racke et sports. Off course, we also cannott forget the o other racket sports that generally fo orm part of physical ed ducation or, on the othe er side, very y popular gam mes in the arrea of sports for all. All fou ur major rack ket sports be elong to the m most popula ar sports in th he world. Pllayers range from youth,, recreationall players to world-class, w elite ones. In n reflection of o this fact, scientific s stud dies on racket sports aree increasing. Researchers in every fie eld of interesst have perfformed studiies in separaate and indiv vidual areass such as ph hysical train ning, physiollogy, psycho ology, mediicine, dietetiics, physics,, engineerin ng, etc. It iss envisaged tthat this issu ue of the Jourrnal of Hum man Kinetics contains c pap pers that willl eventually be regarded d as a major ssource of knowledge and d material fo or advancing g racket sports science. W We express our thanks to o the Internattional Table Tennis Fede eration, the Chinese Tab ble Tennis Association, A SSoochow Un niversity, thee Organising Committee of the World d Table Tenn nis Champion nship, the Ba adminton W World Federattion, and thee World Com mmission of Sports S Sciencce for hosting g the 14th Intternational Table T Tennis Sports Scien nce Congresss and 5th W World Racket Sports Co ongress. Thee Congress was organiised by mem mbers of th he Soochow w University, the Chinesee Table Tenn nis Associattion and meembers of th he ITTF Sporrts Science and a Medicall Committee with the su upport of th he Internatio onal Table Tennis T Federration, with almost 200 participantss taking part in the three days d of sessiions in Suzho ou. The cu urrent issue of o the Journal of Human n Kinetics in ncludes 15 papers p from different are eas of rackett sports. Our hope is thatt this issue of o the Journaal together with w the Con ngress Proceeedings will contribute c to o the dissemiination and enrichment of knowled dge about ra acket sports. We are qu uite confiden nt that thosee participatin ng in these tw wo congresse es have taken n home som me of the exciiting scientifiic experience es which thee fastest ball games can provide. p We also hope th his and futurre publication ns will help acheve the fundamental f l goal of the Internationaal Federation ns; that is, to o bridge the gap betwee en sports scieentists and practitioners p s regarding tteaching, co oaching, traiining and rrehabilitation n. We do not n want peeople sitting g around in n committees all day and night; we want w them ou ut in sports halls h and at training sessiions, influen ncing playerss and making g a differencee to their perrformance.

Miiran Kondričč ITTF Sports Science e and Medicaal Committe ee, Chairman n

- ITTF Sportts Science and Medical M Commiittee, Chairman n. . Authors subm mitted their conttribution to the article to the edditorial board. Accepted for pprinting in the Journal J of Hum man Kinetics voll. 55/2017 in Jaanuary 2017. 1

The fastest ball games from the viewpoint of science.

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