The expression of a recombinant glycolate dehydrogenase polyprotein in potato (Solanum tuberosum) plastids strongly enhances photosynthesis and tuber yield.

We have increased the productivity and yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum) by developing a novel method to enhance photosynthetic carbon fixation base...
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Identification and reproducibility of diagnostic DNA markers for tuber starch and yield optimization in a novel association mapping population of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.).
SNPs in candidate genes Pain - 1, InvCD141 (invertases), SSIV (starch synthase), StCDF1 (transcription factor), LapN (leucine aminopeptidase), and cytoplasm type are associated with potato tuber yield, starch content and/or starch yield. Tuber yield

Na2SO4) extraction and characterization of an acid invertase from potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum).
Invertases are key metabolic enzymes that catalyze irreversible hydrolysis of sucrose into fructose and glucose. Plant invertases have essential roles in carbohydrate metabolism, plant development, and stress responses. To study their isolation and p

ACE-inhibitory and antioxidant properties of potato (Solanum tuberosum).
Proteins were isolated from potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum) at different physiological states, and by-products from the potato industry were used to evaluate their ACE-inhibitory and radical-scavenging potencies. Protein isolates and by-products we

dehydrogenase genes: biochemical properties, activity, and expression during tuber dormancy progression.
The enzymatic and biochemical properties of the proteins encoded by five potato cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase (CKX)-like genes functionally expressed in yeast and the effects of tuber dormancy progression on StCKX expression and cytokinin metabolis

Genetic enhancement of oil content in potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum L.) through an integrated metabolic engineering strategy.
Potato tuber is a high yielding food crop known for its high levels of starch accumulation but only negligible levels of triacylglycerol (TAG). In this study, we evaluated the potential for lipid production in potato tubers by simultaneously introduc

Efficient targeted multiallelic mutagenesis in tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum) by transient CRISPR-Cas9 expression in protoplasts.
Altered starch quality with full knockout of GBSS gene function in potato was achieved using CRISPR-Cas9 technology, through transient transfection and regeneration from isolated protoplasts. Site-directed mutagenesis (SDM) has shown great progress i

Physical mapping of QTL for tuber yield, starch content and starch yield in tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) by means of genome wide genotyping by sequencing and the 8.3 K SolCAP SNP array.
Tuber yield and starch content of the cultivated potato are complex traits of decisive importance for breeding improved varieties. Natural variation of tuber yield and starch content depends on the environment and on multiple, mostly unknown genetic

The influence of light, gibberellic acid and CCC on sprout growth and mobilization of tuber reserves in the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.).
'Warm white' fluorescent light inhibited the elongation of potato sprouts and reduced the rate at which reserve materials in the mother tuber were mobilized. The evidence indicated that the influence of light on mobilization was independent of light

Post-harvest light treatment increases expression levels of recombinant proteins in transformed plastids of potato tubers.
Plastid genetic engineering represents an attractive system for the production of foreign proteins in plants. Although high expression levels can be achieved in leaf chloroplasts, the results for non-photosynthetic plastids are generally discouraging

Transcriptome Profiling of the Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Plant under Drought Stress and Water-Stimulus Conditions.
Drought stress can seriously affect tuberization, yield and quality of potato plant. However, the precise molecular mechanisms governing potato stolon's response to drought stress and water supply are not very well understood. In this work, a potato