The data life cycle applied to our own data.

Increased demand for data-driven decision making is driving the need for librarians to be facile with the data life cycle. This case study follows the...
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Method applied to the background analysis of energy data to be considered for the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD).
Under the framework of the European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment, the European Reference Life-Cycle Database (ELCD - developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), provides core Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data from front-run

A New Missing Data Imputation Algorithm Applied to Electrical Data Loggers.
Nowadays, data collection is a key process in the study of electrical power networks when searching for harmonics and a lack of balance among phases. In this context, the lack of data of any of the main electrical variables (phase-to-neutral voltage,

A Data Preparation Methodology in Data Mining Applied to Mortality Population Databases.
It is known that the data preparation phase is the most time consuming in the data mining process, using up to 50% or up to 70% of the total project time. Currently, data mining methodologies are of general purpose and one of their limitations is tha

Structural analysis of cortical porosity applied to HR-pQCT data.
The investigation of cortical porosity is an important aspect of understanding biological, pathoetiological, and biomechanical processes occurring within the skeleton. With the emergence of HR-pQCT as a noninvasive tool suitable for clinical use, cor

Medoidshift clustering applied to genomic bulk tumor data.
Despite the enormous medical impact of cancers and intensive study of their biology, detailed characterization of tumor growth and development remains elusive. This difficulty occurs in large part because of enormous heterogeneity in the molecular me

Data Mining Techniques Applied to Hydrogen Lactose Breath Test.
Analyze a set of data of hydrogen breath tests by use of data mining tools. Identify new patterns of H2 production.

Validation in principal components analysis applied to EEG data.
The well-known multivariate technique Principal Components Analysis (PCA) is usually applied to a sample, and so component scores are subjected to sampling variability. However, few studies address their stability, an important topic when the sample