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AM DISTURBANCES IN ZINC BINDING TO JEJUNAL PROTEINS INDUCED BY ETHANOL INGESTION IN RATS. B. Silverman,* D. Kwiatkowski, J. Pintq,* and Rivlin. Columbia University, New York, New York. To elucidate mechanisms which may underlie the frequent occurrence of disturbances of zinc metabolism in alcoholic patients, we studied effects of daily ethanol ingestion in rats upon distribution and binding of zinc to proteins in jejunal mucosa, the main site of zinc absorption. Adult female Sprague-Dawley rats weighing 200-300 g each received 2O ethanol, 15 ml/kg, by nasogastric intubation twice daily for 10 days. Ageand sex-matched controls received a similar volume of isocaloric sucrose solution, and were pair-fed to ethanol-treated rats on a diet containing 80 ig zinc/g dry weight. After decapitation, mucosal cells were obtained by scraping the jejunum. Mucosal cytosol proteins were isolated by homogenization in Tris buffer, and further processing, including differential centrifugation. Supernatant solution containing 20 .iig protein from each rat were equilibrated with 2 iCi #{176}5Zn at 4#{176}c for 60 mm, centrifuged and applied to a Sephadex G100 column. Elution fractions were assayed for protein concentration at 280 nm and zinc radioactivity by scintillation counting. A characteristic abnormality was detected in elution patterns from rats fed ethanol: protein concentrations of the high 0100,000) MW fraction were reduced to 69% of those in controls, and ratios of zinc radioactivity to protein concentration were reduced to 55 of controls, without gross abnormalities in the low (

The American Society for Clinical Nutrition, Inc. 19th annual meeting, 1979. Abstracts.

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