Psychological Reports, 1990, 66, 1023-1026. O Psychological Reports 1990

TEST-RETEST STABILITY OF WISC-R IQs A M O N G YOUNG G I F T E D STUDENTS JOHN T. ELLZEY AND FRANCES A. KARNES ' University of Southern Mississippi Summary.-Test-retest stability of the WISC-R Verbal, Performance, and F d Scale IQs among 46 gifted students showed no statistically significant difference between the means. Groupings included all students, 24 boys and 22 girls, age at initial testing, and grade at initial testing. The test-retest intervals ranged from 1 to 2 yr.

The purpose of the present study was to estimate the test-retest stability of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) scores achieved by gifted students as part of a mandatory reevaluation for continued eligibility in a specialized program. According to Louisiana State Department of Education regulations, students identified as gifted before entering the thud grade must be reevaluated to meet criteria for classification prior to enrolling in fourth grade. Although these regulations d o not specify any particular test of intelligence for initial placement and reevaluation, the WISC-R is most frequently used by the two districts in which this study was conducted. The technical adequacy of the WISC-R has been well documented over the years (Wechsler, 1974; Sattler, 1988). However, a relatively limited amount of interest has been demonstrated among researchers in test-retest stability of the WISC-R with exceptional populations. Naglieri and Pfeiffer (1983) found adequate test-retest stability of the WISC-R among children with below average IQs since the Full Scale, Verbal, and Performance Scale IQs did not change significantly over a 2- to 3-yr. period. Whorton (1985) reported that IQs obtained by learning disabled and mentally retarded students were stable over a 3-yr, period. Oakman and Wilson (1988) found that I Q s for learning-disabled students are relatively stable over a 3-yr. period. Weltner-Brunton, Serafica, and Friedt (1980) also noted stable IQs over a 3-yr. period among learning-disabled students. According to an ERIC and Psychological Literature Index computer search, there has been little research on the stability of the WISC-R scores among gifted populations. I t is for this purpose that the present study was conducted.

METHOD Subjects

The sample consisted of 46 students (24 boys, 22 girls) currently enrolled in gifted resource programs. The WISC-R was initially administered 'Southern Station Box 8207, Uruversity of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-8207.




F. A. K/\I

Test-retest stability of WISC-R IQs among young gifted students.

Test-retest stability of the WISC-R Verbal, Performance, and Full Scale IQs among 46 gifted students showed no statistically significant difference be...
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