Sporoderm and tapetum development in Eupomatia laurina (Eupomatiaceae). An interpretation.

For the first time, the developmental events in the course of exine structure establishment have been traced in detail with TEM in Eupomatia, with the...
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Gene Regulatory Network for Tapetum Development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
In flowering plants, male gametophyte development occurs in the anther. Tapetum, the innermost of the four anther somatic layers, surrounds the developing reproductive cells to provide materials for pollen development. A genetic pathway of DYT1-TDF1-

An anther development F-box (ADF) protein regulated by tapetum degeneration retardation (TDR) controls rice anther development.
In this study, we reported that a F-box protein, OsADF, as one of the direct targets of TDR , plays a critical role in rice tapetum cell development and pollen formation. The tapetum, the innermost sporophytic tissue of anther, plays an important sup

Abnormal development of tapetum and microspores induced by chemical hybridization agent SQ-1 in wheat.
Chemical hybridization agent (CHA)-induced male sterility is an important tool in crop heterosis. To demonstrate that CHA-SQ-1-induced male sterility is associated with abnormal tapetal and microspore development, the cytology of CHA-SQ-1-treated pla

New views of tapetum ultrastructure and pollen exine development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
The Arabidopsis thaliana pollen cell wall is a complex structure consisting of an outer sporopollenin framework and lipid-rich coat, as well as an inner cellulosic wall. Although mutant analysis has been a useful tool to study pollen cell walls, the

Transcriptome Analysis of Hamelia patens (Rubiaceae) Anthers Reveals Candidate Genes for Tapetum and Pollen Wall Development.
Studies of the anther transcriptome on non-model plants without a known genome are surprisingly scarce. RNA-Seq and digital gene expression (DGE) profiling provides a comprehensive approach to identify candidate genes contributing to developmental pr

DYT1 directly regulates the expression of TDF1 for tapetum development and pollen wall formation in Arabidopsis.
The tapetum plays a critical role during the development and maturation of microspores. DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM 1 (DYT1) is essential for early tapetal development. Here, we determined that the promoter region (-550 to -463 bp) contains indispensable c

Defective Tapetum Cell Death 1 (DTC1) Regulates ROS Levels by Binding to Metallothionein during Tapetum Degeneration.
After meiosis, tapetal cells in the innermost anther wall layer undergo program cell death (PCD)-triggered degradation. This step is essential for microspore development and pollen wall maturation. We identified a key gene, Defective Tapetum Cell Dea

Development and Validation of an Assessment of Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Interpretation Skills.
Interpretation of ultrasound images and knowledge of anatomy are essential skills for ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. Competency-based educational models promoted by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education require the deve