Anaesthesia 2015, 70, 627

Snippet Some LMAs are stiffer than others

Having inserted a size-4 Visionary LADâ (Marshall Airway Products Ltd., Bath, UK) laryngeal mask airway (LMA), we found its lack of flexibility prevented dental surgical access without causing pressure damage to the lower lip. Substitution for a size-3 King LADâ (King Systems, Noblesville, IN, USA) resolved this problem. Postoperative examination of the Visionary LMA revealed double the coil count of the King LAD LMA (1 1 vs 0.5 1, respectively), presumably accounting for the greater turgidity of the former (Fig. 1). Anaesthetists are reminded that visually similar devices can have markedly different properties.

Figure 1 Under their own gravity, the Marshall reinforced LMA (upper) is noticeably stiffer than the limper King Systems reinforced LMA (lower). T. Knight S. Webster G. M. Haslam Cheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham, UK Email: [email protected]

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Some LMAs are stiffer than others.

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