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Belgrade, Yugoslaz~ial New projective personality test named Initial Letter Word Association Test /ILWAT/ has been developed. In contradistinction to the other word-association tests our test does not have the fixed list of stimulus words to be administered to the subjects with the instruction to respond with the first reaction word which occurs to them. In our test this list should be newly developed by each subject in accordance with the test instructions. The first instruction is to report the first letter that occurred to his mind, say, letter "B." The second instruction is to give the list of at least 20 words each one beginning with the same letter that the subject named, that is, beginning with the letter "B." The third instruction is to say one final word without concern about its initial letter. The or "-" fourth instruction is to assign to each word from the list he has produced sign according to his attitude about the words. The fifth, to give free associations for the words from the list he has developed. The sixth, to give additional information about his asscciations. This method has been also used to shorten the time of psychotherapy. The illustrative case is a boy, 1 0 yr. old, who suffers from tics. The letter that freely occurred to his mind was "A." H e produced the list of only 10 words with the initial letter "A" and gave the associations for these words as follows:


1. Automobile 2. Air~1ane.3. ~f;ca,+ 4. Ankica

8. Ancara 9. America,+ 10. Austria,-


Unable to give association for this word. "It is fast." "Big country." The child's aunt. T o our question does he like her he answered that he does. "Capital of Greece." The child's uncle. The child's friend. At first he was not able to explain why he does not like him but later he added: "He is dark and ugly." Questioning the child's mother we find out that the child's father is "a bit" dark man. "In Turkey." "Rich country." "Daddy went there." H e also said that he hates this country.

If one knows that the boy's father is a truck driver, that the boy was unable to give associations for the word "automobile," that to the word "airplane," which belongs to the same category as "automobile," he assigned "-" sign, that Austria was "-'' because "daddy went there," then interpretation is not difficult. The words like "Africa," "America," and "Athens" with associations "big country," "rich country," "capital . . ." might be associated with the boy's attempt to compensate for his inferiority feeling toward his father produced by his mother's unexpected, constant, and profound shift of interest and attention from the boy during father's absence to the father when he returns home. Space does not permit us to report additional data concerning the test's reliability and validity but we might mention that we have found differences in associations to the test by stutterers and non-stutterers and high correspondence berween test results of our subjects and the contents of their dreams.

Accepted Septembef 22, 1977. lMomtilo Zivkovit, Risanska 5, 11 000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Some beginning results of using the new projective personality test.

Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1977,45,910. @ Perceptual and Motor Skills 1977 SOME BEGINNING RESULTS OF USING THE NEW PROJECTIVE PERSONALITY TEST MOM...
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