(SoiTcspiulcnce. SNAKE-BITE. To the Editor


Indian Medical Gazette."

Sib,?Why would it not do in the development of immunity from snake-bite, instead of pursuing the method of Professor Fraser of Edinburgh, to use the blood serum of the snake that has inflicted the woun 1. Certainly, if there is an antidote against the viper-poison, that antidote must be the blood of that snake. We should thus, in every case, have the remedy ready-made at hand, instead of going through Dr. Fraser's complicated, process of producing an artificial immunity in the lower animals. This theory is the one which I have actually put into practice for a number of years against scarlet fever. I inoculate children in a family who have not had scarlet fever, whep. they are exposed to infection, with blood serum, drawn from a blister of their brother or sister, who has had the disease, and possesses natural immunity. In no case have I had an outbreak of the disease in a family thus protected. New York, U. S. A.,) August 1 $th 1895. )







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