Indian Medical Gazette."

will thank your courtesy of giving this an insertion in your next issue to inform the general medical profession in India and abroad to form correct notions of the review and criticism of my cases by Surgeon-Captain J. H. Tull Walsh, in the September issue of your paper. I think no other things more proper here than to have published my letter addressed to Dr. Walsh, and with a few words aa remark, for general informations ; will do :?The letter as below :?


Dr. Walsh. Dear Sir,?I am remorsefully sorry to convey you my regret to say, that when snake specimens were being sent to you Iwas badly down with fever. As I had to work



single-handed I could not bestow sufficient attention to the subject at the time, but entrusted my compounder the putting on of the labels, packing up the bottles and sending them to you by railway. I was however not aware of the mistake done and not until then, when I got back the specimens from you and in putting them up I soon found that a horrible mistake was As the old labels were worn out done by my subordinate. I wished that new ones to be pasted on to the bottles before they are sent to you, so the assistant very carelessly put the labels on the wrong bottles and sent them on to you. I find on going over my collections the specimens called for with one or two exceptions never reached you. The case snakes left behind, while a few young snakes of less significance and one or two others like that sent to you with wrong labels Even then I presume they were very badly and careon. lessly packed and sent away. However for the trouble you have taken to undertake their identifications and write a review of my cases, I must thank you. Of course the criticism was not right and proper as I must unreaservedly say the proper snakes never reached you and all jou had to say something about were wrong


Your review in the Indian Medical Gazette not yet reached me, yet however I am sorry to say the unfortunate mistake done by my assistant, who was confided by some indiscretions on my part in all probability set me down as a bigest liar, and an scoundrel all round, and excited no less misunderstandings about the cases.

As to the case No. 1, I have had to say nothing more than what I was told by my compounder, as I was then on leave and absent from the station. The compounder who treated the case, and Mr Ashton the Assistant Commissioner, Salt Department who watched the cases interestedly little understood of the case really. Actually considering this case wouldbe a dubious one ; and less reliable. You will find more details of these cases in the pages of the Medical Reporter (Calcutta) from time to time, contributed under the heading Analyses of snakebite cases treated in the Salt Revenue Hospital, Pachbadra, Rajputana. I am sending to-day, case snakes down to you by rail and you will find them satisfactory, and answering the purpose. So by an unfortunate incident any review or criticism of my cases were really made, while such were uncalled for. I shall thank you for your condescending to give the now sent your best attention and to modify any assertions you have made in the cases of snake bites. Indeed you did well and just but the wrong specimens were sent and that changed all things right to wrong and consequently the reviews if any written as said by you in your letter to me, were not correct. ?R. P. Banehjek.


Remarks.?In publishing the foregoing I beg to especially draw the attention of the profession to the fact, that really the reviews with contrary opinion of the learned critic (Dr. Walsh) was uncalled for. As all that Dr. Walsh could say. were only about the wrong specimens sent by mistake to him. It remains however now to hear from him of my cases, when the proper specimen reach him and hold confidence that, that officer will kindly do the just, and enlighten the members of medical profession with his valuable remarks that the cases really deserved.

Pachhadra, 7th October 1893.

R. P. BANERJEE, Medical Officer, Pachhadra Salt Works, Rajpit tana.



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