this letter will not be too late for insertion in your next issue, as I wish to make known at once the great success which has attended me in treating cases of cholera by the hypodermic injection of a weak solution of chloral hydrate?one part to ten of water. In a village close by here, twenty-one cases of cholera have occurred since the 9th instant; sixteen of the cases have been treated by me as above and all cured, ten were more or less in collapse when treatment was commenced, and collapse was warded off in the rest. Three deaths had taken place before the report was received at the Sadr, and two occurred before I had time to get to the village. Sixteen grains (injected in eight different places) sufficed to cure the worst case; I think it is essentially necessary to plunge the canula deeply into the flesh, merely inserting its point underneath the skin will not do ; no local irritation whatsoever was caused by the injections, I think a cure for cholera has at last been discovered, and the profession has to thank Surgeon Hall, R.A., for it.. As soon as 1 have reason to think that this outbreak is over, I shall he glad to send you details of the cases. I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant, F. "W. Higginson, Lie. Med., Dub., Civil Surgeon.

Sir, ?I hope


Kheri, Oudh; September loth, 1873.

Sedative Treatment of Cholera.

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