Search for potent attractants of onion flies.

Of various chopped vegetables tested,Allium spp. high in propyl-containing alkyl sulfides (e.g.,cepa group) caught the most onion flies in trapping te...
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Yeast and corn hydrolysates and other nutritious materials as attractants for onion and seed flies.
The attractancy of enzymatic yeast hydrolysate, a corn hydrolysate, brewers' yeast, honey, ammonia,n-dipropyl disulfide, and several combinations of these treatments was tested in an onion field containing onion flies,Hylemya antiqua (Meigen) and see

Acarine attractants: Chemoreception, bioassay, chemistry and control.
The Acari are of significant economic importance in crop production and human and animal health. Acaricides are essential for the control of these pests, but at the same time, the number of available pesticides is limited, especially for applications

In search of potent 5-HT6 receptor inverse agonists.
A series of non-sulfonamide/non-sulfone derived potent 5-HT6 receptor inverse agonists has been disclosed. Representative compound 9 (Ki  = 14 nm) displayed selectivity against a set of family members as well as brain permeability 6 h post-oral admin

First Human Cases of Leishmania (Viannia) lainsoni Infection and a Search for the Vector Sand Flies in Ecuador.
An epidemiological study of leishmaniasis was performed in Amazonian areas of Ecuador since little information on the prevalent Leishmania and sand fly species responsible for the transmission is available. Of 33 clinical specimens from patients with

Thr Kinase Pharmacophore Model.
Based on the data for compounds known from the literature to be active against various types of Ser/Thr kinases, a general pharmachophore model for these types of kinases was developed. The search for the molecules fitting to this pharmacophore among

Evaluation of textile substrates for dispensing synthetic attractants for malaria mosquitoes.
The full-scale impact of odour-baited technology on the surveillance, sampling and control of vectors of infectious diseases is partly limited by the lack of methods for the efficient and sustainable dispensing of attractants. In this study we invest

Onion membrane: an efficient adsorbent for decoloring of wastewater.
Recently, researchers have tried to design synthetic materials by replicating natural materials as an adsorbent for removing various types of environmental pollutants, which have reached to the risky levels in nature for many countries in the world.

Generating mosaics for lineage analysis in flies.
By generating and studying mosaic organisms, we are learning how intricate tissues form as cells proliferate and diversify through organism development. FLP/FRT-mediated site-specific mitotic recombination permits the generation of mosaic flies with