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Schools benefit from new microscopes STUDENTS at two schools close to The Pirbright Institute’s Compton laboratory will have the opportunity to develop their microscopy skills following the donation of two new microscopes and two digital cameras designed to capture what they see when using them. The laboratory had a number of redundant microscopes and wanted them to go to ‘good homes’. Having spoken with Fullerscope Services, the company that services the laboratory’s other microscopes, an agreement was reached that the redundant models would be refurbished and sent for use in developing countries while the company would provide The Downs School in Compton with two new microscopes suitable for use in schools. The secondary school has links with Compton Primary School, meaning that both schools will benefit from the donation. The new microscopes were presented to the school last month. ‘Staff from The Pirbright Institute have been a great source of support and inspiration to students and staff in The Downs School’s science department over a number of years,’ said Steve Garton, a biology teacher at the school. ‘We are lucky 34 | Veterinary Record | January 10, 2015

Educational focus: staff and pupils from The Downs School, Compton, along with representatives from The Pirbright Institute, show off the new microscopes

to have had a major research institution with such helpful and accommodating professional scientists working in close proximity to the school and prepared to give up their time.’ He added: ‘The gift of these fabulous new microscopes provides another

major asset for the department; microscope work is a fundamental activity for students at all levels and being able to offer new and exciting capabilities to A level students will further improve our provision.’ doi: 10.1136/vr.h62

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Schools benefit from new microscopes

Veterinary Record 2015 176: 34

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Schools benefit from new microscopes.

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