[Sarcopenia and frailty in neurology].

Sarcopenia and frailty are common geriatric syndromes and are associated with adverse health outcome and impaired health-related quality of life. Co-o...
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Sarcopenia and frailty in elderly trauma patients.
Sarcopenia describes a loss of muscle mass and resultant decrease in strength, mobility, and function that can be quantified by CT. We hypothesized that sarcopenia and related frailty characteristics are related to discharge disposition after blunt t

Sarcopenia, Frailty, and Diabetes in Older Adults.
Populations are aging and the prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing tremendously. The number of older people with diabetes is increasing unexpectedly. Aging and diabetes are both risk factors for functional disability. Thus, increasing number

Sarcopenia and frailty often co-exist and both have physical function impairment as a core component. Yet despite the urgency of the problem, the development of pharmaceutical therapies for sarcopenia and frailty has lagged, in part because of the la

Counteracting the Trajectory of Frailty and Sarcopenia in Older Adults.
Food preservation technologies and medical advances in the past 50 years have contributed to safeguarding the health and prolonging the lives of individuals worldwide. However, living longer does not automatically equate with being healthy, living in

Sarcopenia and frailty in older patients with diabetes mellitus.
Sarcopenia is defined as age-associated loss of muscle mass and function, and is frequently accompanied by diabetes mellitus (DM) in older adults. Some of the mechanisms of the development of sarcopenia including insulin resistance, chronic inflammat

Ageing well: a review of sarcopenia and frailty.
'Ageing well' has been declared a global health priority by the World Health Organisation and the role of sarcopenia and frailty in late-life health is receiving increasing attention. Frailty is the decline in an individual's homeostatic function, st

From sarcopenia to frailty: a road less traveled.
The physical frailty phenotype consists of fatigue, weight loss, and loss of muscle power. Sarcopenia has been shown to be a major cause of frailty. Six societies including SCWD published a consensus suggesting that all persons older than 70 years of

HIV-Related Frailty Is Not Characterized by Sarcopenia.
Frailty is common in HIV-infected patients, but its causes are elusive. We assessed 122 clinic patients for frailty using the 5-measure Fried Frailty criteria. The prevalence of frailty was 19% (n = 23) and all frail patients reported exhaustion with

Role of frailty and sarcopenia in predicting outcomes among patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery.
According to the United States census bureau 20% of Americans will be older than 65 years in 2030 and half of them will need an operation - equating to about 36 million older surgical patients. Older adults are prone to complications during gastroint