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Subgeon-Captain J. H. 1st Resident

Tull-Walsh, i.m.s., Surgeon, Presidency General Hospital, Calcutta.

Austrian, aged 53 years, and emfireman on an Austrian steamer, was admitted under my care into the Presidency General Hospital, Calcutta, on the 12th June He was brought to the hospital by one 1893. of the officers of the S.S. Aglai, who stated that G. 0. had been ill for ten days suffering from "fever" and pain and swelling in his joints. There was no previous history of important disease. On admission the patient had a temperature of 102,4?F. ; wrists, elbows, ankles and knees hot, swollen and very painful; heart's action excited, no bruit; tongue moist but thickly coated with "fur"; skin bathed in sour perspiration; pulse quick, small and regular; bowels constipated ; appetite dull and patient cannot sleep at G.




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Rheumatic Fever with Hyperpyrexia.

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