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allude editorially, Oct. 1884, to tlie researches of Dr. Reichert and myself. Our research lias cost ua nearly three years of more or less interrupted labour, and hitherto only preliminary reports" have been made. However incomplete the work which these reports represented, it was too novel for us to be willing to delay its Oar complete publication will, of course, publication. greatly modify much that we have hitherto printed. Will you kindly correct a mis-statement in your editorial. Two years ago, at my desire, our own State Department asked Her Majesty's Indian Government to take measures to A favourable answer secure for us supplies of venom. was given, and once we have received poison through this channel. Almost all of our best supplies have, however, I may add come from my friend Vincent Richards, Esq. that no funds have been asked for by me, or sent to me, by the Indian Government. All the expenses of this research have been gladly borne by me.



MITCHELL, Philadelphia.

[We have much pleasure in publishing the above contradiction of the report to which we gave currency in October last, when presenting our readers with a summary of *? Kecent Researches into Snake-poison," in connection with Dr. Wolfenden's singularly valuable contribution through our pages, to the chemistry and physiological action of Cobra-venom. The particular remarks, however, regarding which Dr. "Weir Mitchell now writes, did not contain any " mis-statement" on our part; we merely referred to the fact that "

a report has recently gone the rounds of the medical journals to the effect that the Indian Government has lately sent a large supply of Cobra-venom to Dr. Weir Mitchell of Philadelphia, as well as funds to carry out the necessary investigations; and we there expressed disbelief in the accuracy of the report. All Indian residents must await with much interest the publication of Dr. Weir Mitchell's report on a subject which he was amongst the first to throw light upon, and with which his name will always be a?sociated,?liD., I. M. G.J "

Researches on Snake-Venom.

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