REDIportal: a comprehensive database of A-to-I RNA editing events in humans.

RNA editing by A-to-I deamination is the prominent co-/post-transcriptional modification in humans. It is carried out by ADAR enzymes and contributes ...
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Discriminative Prediction of A-To-I RNA Editing Events from DNA Sequence.
RNA editing is a post-transcriptional alteration of RNA sequences that, via insertions, deletions or base substitutions, can affect protein structure as well as RNA and protein expression. Recently, it has been suggested that RNA editing may be more

Identification of Symmetrical RNA Editing Events in the Mitochondria of Salvia miltiorrhiza by Strand-specific RNA Sequencing.
Salvia miltiorrhiza is one of the most widely-used medicinal plants. Here, we systematically analyzed the RNA editing events in its mitochondria. We developed a pipeline using REDItools to predict RNA editing events from stand-specific RNA-Seq data.

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Abundant and selective RNA-editing events in the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum.
RNA editing is a widespread, post-transcriptional molecular phenomenon that diversifies hereditary information across various organisms. However, little is known about genome-scale RNA editing in fungi. In this study, we screened for fungal RNA editi

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Adaptation of A-to-I RNA editing in Drosophila.
Adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) editing is hypothesized to facilitate adaptive evolution by expanding proteomic diversity through an epigenetic approach. However, it is challenging to provide evidences to support this hypothesis at the whole editome le