Reach out to children.

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Reach out to one and you reach out to many: social touch affects third-party observers.
Casual social touch influences emotional perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours of interaction partners. We asked whether these influences extend to third-party observers. To this end, we developed the Social Touch Picture Set comprising line drawing

Community needs assessment to reach out to an underserved population.
A community-based participatory research project was conducted to identify health information needs of clients (an underserved population) at a homeless shelter. Staff at the shelter, medical students, and public librarians were sought as outreach pa

Universal parental support--how to reach out: a cross-sectional random sample of Swedish parents.
Young children in Sweden have good general health in comparison to children in other European countries. In contrast, teenagers display poorer mental health. Parental support is now being made available on a universal level in Sweden in order to prom

Normal values of functional reach and lateral reach tests in children with knee hypermobility.
To measure values for functional reach (FR) and lateral reach (LR) in school children with knee joint hypermobility (KJH), and to examine the correlation of anthropometric measures and KJH with FR and LR values.

Public access defibrillation remains out of reach for most victims of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.
Public access defibrillation (PAD) prior to ambulance arrival is a key determinant of survival from out-of-hospital (OOH) cardiac arrest. Implementation of PAD has been underway in the UK for the past 12 years, and its importance in strengthening the

A reach-out system for video microscopy analysis of ciliary motions aiding PCD diagnosis.
With an average time of 20 minutes per patient, the system enabled us to test approximately 10-15 subjects per day. A valid HVMA result was made in 148 subjects and helped in the diagnosis of PCD in many of the patients who were subsequently confirme