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Raising awareness of scoliosis Every June marks National Scoliosis Awareness Month, which highlights the growing need for education and early detection about scoliosis and its prevalence. It affects up to 3% of adolescents, some babies and young children, and is the most common spinal deformity. In our cover article this month (page 30), specialist nurse Cheryl Honeyman outlines how the condition can be diagnosed, which children are most likely to be affected and what to do if a child has the condition. As the article explains, early identification is vital to maximise effective treatment, support the child and family, and optimise holistic health. In a separate article (page 21), paediatric research sister Helen Smith explores nurses’ crucial role in conveying information sensitively to parents whose children are receiving palliative care. She argues that the way in which they involve families in decisions and care for the dying child will shape the experience they are about to face. The article features two case studies, including that of an eight-month-old

Early identification is vital to maximise effective treatment, support the child and family, and optimise holistic health

Jennifer Sprinks Acting assistant editor

baby who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 at eight weeks. Also in this issue, in the second part of a series on the public health challenges for children, young people and nursing in the four countries of the UK, Nick Triggle assesses the current situation in Wales (page 8). The country’s child health statistics show that there is work to be done on a whole host of areas, including smoking and drinking, but obesity stands out above all others. The national average rate of obese and overweight children in Wales stands at 28%, higher than the average of 23% in England. But there is good news for public health in Wales. This time last year, Wales was in the grip of a measles outbreak, however, the latest figures show that 97% of children are getting the first dose of the MMR vaccination before their second birthdays. Public Health Wales director of nursing Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood warns nurses not to get complacent, but says the results show that the wider public health system works well when put under pressure.

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Raising awareness of scoliosis.

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