Quantifying the benefits and harms of screening mammography.

Like all early detection strategies, screening mammography involves trade-offs. If women are to truly participate in the decision of whether or not to...
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Benefits and harms of mammography screening.
Mammography screening for breast cancer is widely available in many countries. Initially praised as a universal achievement to improve women's health and to reduce the burden of breast cancer, the benefits and harms of mammography screening have been

Benefits, harms, and costs for breast cancer screening after US implementation of digital mammography.
Compared with film, digital mammography has superior sensitivity but lower specificity for women aged 40 to 49 years and women with dense breasts. Digital has replaced film in virtually all US facilities, but overall population health and cost from u

Benefits and Harms of Screening Mammography by Comorbidity and Age: A Qualitative Synthesis of Observational Studies and Decision Analyses.
We conducted a systematic review to assess the quality and limitations of published studies examining benefits and harms of screening mammography in relation to comorbidity and age.

Benefits and harms of endoscopic screening for gastric cancer.
Gastric cancer has remained a serious burden worldwide, particularly in East Asian countries. However, nationwide prevention and screening programs for gastric cancer have not yet been established in most countries except in South Korea and Japan. Al

Imaging-based screening: maximizing benefits and minimizing harms.
Advanced imaging technologies play a central role in screening asymptomatic patients. However, the balance between imaging-based screening's potential benefits versus risks is sometimes unclear. Radiologists will have to address ongoing concerns, inc

Patients' expectations of the benefits and harms of treatments, screening, and tests: a systematic review.
Unrealistic patient expectations of the benefits and harms of interventions can influence decision making and may be contributing to increasing intervention uptake and health care costs.

Clinicians' perceptions of the benefits and harms of prostate and colorectal cancer screening.
Clinicians' perceptions of screening benefits and harms influence their recommendations, which in turn shape patients' screening decisions. We sought to understand clinicians' perceptions of the benefits and harms of cancer screening by comparing 2 s