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Case Report

Pyogenic Granuloma: surgical treatment with Diode Laser R. Parrulli, S. Franco, M. Petruzzi, E. Maiorano, G. Favia Complex Operating Unit of Odontostomatology and Surgery, University of Bari, Italy Introduction. Pyogenic Granuloma (PG) is a relatively common benign mucocutaneous lesion. The term is a misnomer as the lesion does not contain pus nor it is granulomatous. Etiology of the lesions is unknown, but predisposing factors that have been reported include pregnancy, trauma, vascular malformation and chronic inflammation. PG are usually solitary lesions. The most common intraoral site is marginal gingiva, but lesions have been reported on palate, buccal mucosa, tongue, and lips. Extraoral sites commonly involve the skin of face, neck, upper and lower extremities, and mucous membrane of nose and eyelids. In this report, we seek to highlight the therapeutic advantages achieved with diode laser in intraoral PG treatment compared with surgical excision. Material and methods. We report the cases of 85 patients presenting intraoral dull red, sessile, or pedunculated smooth surfaced nodule that may easily bleed, crust, or ulcerate. 62 were treated with surgical excision and 23 with diode laser treatment. The laser session consisted in diode laser photocoagulation ensued by diode laser excision of the lesion, preceded by treated areas cooling to avoid the tissue demage. According to the literature were used the following specification: wavelength 808nm, 10W power. Histological evaluation showed hyperplastic stratified squamous epithelium with stroma consisted of a large number of budding and dilateted capillaries and a dens chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate. Diagnosis of PG was confirmed. Results and Conclusion. Rapid healing can be observed within a few days of treatment, and as blood vessels are sealed, there is an improvement of haemostasis and coagulation compared with surgical excision. Post-operative Annali di Stomatologia 2013; Suppl. 2: 1-48


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pain discomfort, edema and bleeding are notably reduced. In conclusion, the use of diode laser offers a new tool that can change the way in which existing treatments are performed. References • • •


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Annali di Stomatologia 2013; Suppl. 2: 1-48

Pyogenic Granuloma: surgical treatment with Diode Laser.

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