Projected worldwide disease burden from giant cell arteritis by 2050.

To estimate and project the number of people affected worldwide by giant cell arteritis (GCA) by 2050. Modeling the number of people visually impaired...
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Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a medium and large-vessel vasculitis, which is an important cause of secondary headache in older adults. While GCA has a classic presentation occurring after the age of 50, atypical presentations (eg, fever of unknown or

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Giant cell arteritis is the most common vasculitis in Caucasians. Acute visual loss in one or both eyes is by far the most feared and irreversible complication of giant cell arteritis. This article reviews recent guidelines on early recognition of sy

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Giant-cell arteritis (GCA) is a systemic autoimmune disease affecting primarily the elderly. Giant cell arteritis can cause sudden and potentially bilateral sequential vision loss in the elderly. Therefore, it is considered a medical emergency in oph

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The objective of this study is to describe a series of patients above the age of 50 years with large vessel arteritis and vascular involvement typical of TAK. A retrospective review of 18 patients (median age 64 years) with emphasis on clinical chara