Introduction Dear Protein Science Reader, The 30th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society held in Baltimore was packed with exciting science and good cheer in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Symposium. David Eisenberg, the first elected President of the Society, recounted the history of the Society at an evening reception, including some tales on how it all got started. Following in the tradition of past meetings, this year’s symposium was again filled with outstanding protein science. Numerous attendees commented on the high-quality science presented in many amazing talks. The Planning Committee (Brenda Schulman, Chair, Ralf Langen, Andreas € ckthun, Nieng Yan) organized a broad spectrum of talks providing an opportunity to hear Plu about the latest, exciting advances in not only one’s own area of expertise but also the hot topics in protein science all around. The scientific sessions were about birth, life & death of proteins, membrane protein folding, protein folding and misfolding, proteins on the move, dynamic modulation of protein function, the interface between proteins and nucleic acid, protein evolution and design, emerging techniques, applied and interdisciplinary approaches to protein science research. We also had a stimulating session on equity and inclusivity in stem education and research. The abstracts of these presentations as well as the abstracts of over 313 posters are published in this special issue of Protein Science. The next Symposium of the Protein Society will be in Montreal, Canada on July 24-27, 2017. The Society offers many ways for everyone to contribute to the symposium. There will be contributed speaker slots for both young investigators and for slots open at large, so be sure to submit an abstract and request a contributed talk. This symposium will inaugurate a new practice of including one session selected from proposals submitted by Society members. Finally, the tradition of offering nearly 40 travel grants for students and postdocs will continue. Rendez-vous a Montreal! Best Wishes,

Carol B. Post, Ph.D. President of the Protein Society

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President note to 30th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society.

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