Fish Physiology and Biochemistry vol. 7 nos 1-4 pp 1-2 (1989) Kugler Publications, Amsterdam/Berkeley


In 1972, a gathering of investigators working in the field of fish endocrinology was held in honor of Grace Pickford, one of the pioneers in this area of research. This gathering was a special symposium held during the American Society of Zoologists annual meeting in Washington, DC, and was entitled 'The Current Status of Fish Endocrinology'. The symposium, jointly organized by Drs. Peter Pang and Martin Schreibman, was well attended, and participants expressed a desire for future meetings to be held on a regular basis. It was 16 years later, while Drs. Pang and Schreibman were driving around Brooklyn in New York City, that the idea of holding an international symposium took shape. No such meeting had been held since the 1972 symposium. After talking to various people in the field, planning began. Young investigators were invited to join together to form the international program committee (Drs. J.W. Crim, USA; H.J.Th. Goos, The Netherlands; T.J. Lam, Singapore; R.E. Peter, Canada; S.E. Wendelaar Bonga, The Netherlands). In 1986, Dr. Pang moved to Edmonton, Canada, and enlisted Dr. Richard Peter as a co-organizer. Subsequently, the First International Symposium on Fish Endocrinology was held in Edmonton June 12-17, 1988. The meeting was truly international, in that 186 scientists from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, People's Republic of China, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, The Philip-

pines, Scotland, Singapore, Taiwan and USA participated. Special lectures on 'Roots of Fish Endocrinology: Evolution and Development of the Field' (Aubrey Gorbman) and 'Perspectives in Fish Endocrinology (Howard Bern) were presented at the beginning and end of the meeting, respectively. Plenary lectures were given by Gordon Grau, James Fryer, Erika Plisetskaya, Hiroshi Kawauchi, and Roland Billard. Session topics included Hormones of Growth and Stress, Behavioral Endocrinology, Calcium Regulation, Neuroendocrinology (two sessions), Hormones in Metabolism, Ion Balance, Reproductive Endocrinology (two sessions), and Genetics and Endocrinology, with a total of 56 papers being delivered. In addition, 86 posters were presented during two sessions. Workshops on Aquaculture (organized by Yoni Zohar), Cyclostomes (organized by Stacia Sower) and Genetic Engineering (organized by Choy Hew) were well attended. This volume of the Journal of Fish Physiology and Biochemistry consists of papers from the oral presentations and summaries of the workshops. They represent the state-of-the-art in this field and will no doubt be important reference material for many researchers and students. The organizing committee would like to thank the following people: Tella Findlay, for her excellent work in organizing most of the details of the meeting, Marie Lenz, for assisting Tella most ably, and Darryl Aarbo, for performing various miscellaneous duties before, during and after the meeting with both efficiency and good humor. We would

2 also like to thank Yolande Matsusaki and the Conference Center at the University of Alberta, for their invaluable assistance. We would like to acknowledge the following for their generous support: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, University of Alberta Conference Committee, American Society of Zoologists, Canadian Society of Zoologists, Rangen Aquaculture Research Center, Syndel Laboratotires, and the Departments of Physiology and Zoology of the University of Alberta. We hope that the body of work presented in this

symposium will serve to strengthen the belief that lower vertebrates provide excellent animal models for answering fundamental questions in biomedical research. We appreciate the assistance and cooperation of referees of the manuscripts presented herein. Special thanks to Dr. John Leatherland, Editorin-Chief of Fish Physiology and Biochemistry for his invaluable guidance and assistance in the publication of the symposium proceedings. P.K.T. Pang R.E. Peter M.P. Schreibman


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