Photosynthesis is one of the fields in science where multidisciplinarity in research is most effective and most necessary. This aspect is certainly well illustrated in the present book of abstracts presented at the 10th International Photosynthesis Congress held in Montpellier, France, in August 1995. Time scales of studied phenomena are perhaps one of the best illustrations of this variety since they range from a fraction of a picosecond for excited states properties to the decade for global effects, i.e. a range of twenty-one orders of magnitude...

These abstracts are classified in two sections, corresponding to a presentation as lectures or as posters. Poster abstracts themselves are organized according to best suited symposia, with the minor peculiarity that a few themes are dealt with in two symposia. Some subjects have not been singled out: for example the classical theme of herbicides is covered with Photosystem 2, with Photosystem 1, with tetrapyrroles biosynthesis, with carotenoids,... Also absent as well-defined themes are chemical modelling or toxicology, although both are of recognized importance.

Is the field of photosynthesis expanding quickly ? Or did Montpellier attract many participants ? Perhaps for both reasons our call for abstracts was too successful: we had received more than 1,700 abstracts when the draft of this book was finished. About 80 % of them have been accepted and are included here. Late abstracts will be reproduced as a separate document. This Congress will thus certainly be faithfully representative of photosynthesis research in the world. It fully deserves to be the founding meeting for the International Photosynthesis Society.

P. MATHIS ~ ~ ~ ' ~ ~ Chairman of the International Photosynthesis Committee and of the Congress Organizing Committee


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