PREFACE An additional volume of the Advances in Clinical Chemistry series for 2014 is presented. In Chapter 1, biomarkers of tobacco smoke exposure are presented. This topic is of substantial interest due to its public health implications. These unique biomarkers are critical to assess individual exposure as well as to tobacco product regulation and public health policy in general. In Chapter 2, the public health theme is continued as markers associated with alcohol misuse are highlighted. Alcohol abuse is associated with significant morbidity and mortality worldwide across all socioeconomic levels. The usefulness of two alcohol-specific metabolites, ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate, are examined in detail. In Chapter 3, a comprehensive review of ammonia metabolism is presented. Disruption of this finely tuned biochemical process leads to accumulation of this toxic metabolite and concomitant neural disorders. In Chapter 4, DNA methylation is discussed. Characterization of these methylation marks may serve as useful biomarkers for cellular development as well as pathogenesis. The role of 5-methyl cytosine is highlighted. In Chapter 5, small circulating noncoding RNAs, microRNAs, are presented. These posttranslational regulators of target genes are involved with a variety of physiologic and pathophysiologic processes. microRNAs are examined with respect to their relationship to tumorigenesis. In Chapter 6, the use of proteomics as a novel modality in solid organ transplantation is reviewed. This powerful approach provides a means to noninvasively monitor the immune response and potentially define new therapeutic targets. In Chapter 7, the role of fibulins as extracellular matrix proteins is examined with respect to their relationship to cardiovascular biology and cardiovascular disease. Due to their presence in the circulation, these proteins may provide alternative markers to elucidate this disease process. I thank each contributor of Volume 67 and colleagues who provided peer review. I would also like to thank Helene Kabes and Omer Mukthar Moosa for their expert editorial support at Elsevier. I hope the additional volume for 2014 will be enjoyed. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated. I would like to dedicate Volume 67 to Stuart and Marion Smith for their foresight at Lake Michigan. GREGORY S. MAKOWSKI xi


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