Prebiotic RNA synthesis by montmorillonite catalysis.

This review summarizes our recent findings on the role of mineral salts in prebiotic RNA synthesis, which is catalyzed by montmorillonite clay mineral...
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The role of fluoride in montmorillonite-catalyzed RNA synthesis.
The montmorillonite-catalyzed reactions of the 5'-phosphorimidazolide of adenosine in the presence of fluoride were investigated to complete our study on the effect of salts on this type of reaction. Both anions and cations have been found to influen

Dynamics of prebiotic RNA reproduction illuminated by chemical game theory.
Many origins-of-life scenarios depict a situation in which there are common and potentially scarce resources needed by molecules that compete for survival and reproduction. The dynamics of RNA assembly in a complex mixture of sequences is a frequency

Asymmetric Synthesis of Spiropyrazolones by Sequential Organo- and Silver Catalysis.
A stereoselective one-pot synthesis of spiropyrazolones through an organocatalytic asymmetric Michael addition and a formal Conia-ene reaction has been developed. Depending on the nitroalkene, the 5-exo-dig-cyclization could be achieved by silver-cat

One-pot synthesis of polysubstituted 3-acylpyrroles by cooperative catalysis.
One-pot syntheses of polysubstituted 3-acylpyrroles from readily available unsaturated ketones and N-substituted propargylated amines have been developed. An aza-Michael/alkyne carbocyclization cascade, by cooperative catalysis using pyrrolidine and

Autotandem catalysis: synthesis of pyrroles by gold-catalyzed cascade reaction.
A novel synthesis of substituted pyrroles by a gold(I)-catalyzed cascade reaction has been developed. The reaction proceeded with an autotandem catalysis consisting of an initial addition of gold-acetylide to an acetal moiety and was followed by gold

Synthesis of (±)-Tetrabenazine by Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis.
(±)-Tetrabenazine was synthesized in six steps from commercially available compounds. The key cyclization substrate was assembled rapidly via Baylis-Hillman and aza-Michael reactions. Annulation of the final ring was achieved through visible light ph

Synthesis of Barbaralones and Bullvalenes Made Easy by Gold Catalysis.
The gold(I)-catalyzed oxidative cyclization of 7-ethynyl-1,3,5-cycloheptatrienes gives 1-substituted barbaralones in a general manner, which simplifies the access to other fluxional molecules. As an example, we report the shortest syntheses of bullva

montmorillonite-cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-heparin films.
In this study, poly(dimethylsiloxane)(PDMS)/montmorillonite-cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-heparin (PDMS/MMT-CTAB-HEP) films were prepared by solution intercalation technique. The cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-heparin (CTAB-HEP) was intercalated int

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Ni-Al Montmorillonite-Like Phyllosilicates.
This work describes the first hydrothermal synthesis in fluoride medium of Ni-Al montmorillonite-like phyllosilicates, in which the only metallic elements in the octahedral sheet are Ni and Al. X-ray diffraction, chemical analysis, thermogravimetric