Policy designs for cannabis legalization: starting with the eight Ps.

The cannabis policy landscape is changing rapidly. In November 2012 voters in Colorado and Washington State passed ballot initiatives to remove the pr...
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Cannabis legalization with strict regulation, the overall superior policy option for public health.
Cannabis is the most prevalently used drug globally, with many jurisdictions considering varying reform options to current policies to deal with this substance and associated harm. Three policy options are available: prohibition, decriminalization, a

Correlates of intentions to use cannabis among US high school seniors in the case of cannabis legalization.
Support for cannabis ("marijuana") legalization is increasing in the United States (US). Use was recently legalized in two states and in Uruguay, and other states and countries are expected to follow suit. This study examined intentions to use among

Recreational Cannabis Legalization and Opioid-Related Deaths in Colorado, 2000-2015.
To examine the association between Colorado's legalization of recreational cannabis use and opioid-related deaths.

U.S. Policy Responses to Calls for the Medical Use of Cannabis.
This paper discusses the evolution of U.S. policy responses to calls to allow patients to use cannabis for medical purposes. It first summarizes the research evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids for various medical uses. It then outlin

Cannabis Smoking and Diabetes Mellitus: Results from Meta-analysis with Eight Independent Replication Samples.
In preclinical animal studies, evidence links cannabis with hyperphagia, obesity, and insulin resistance. Epidemiologic data, however, suggest an inverse cannabis smoking-diabetes mellitus association. Here, we offer epidemiologic estimates from eigh