Photochemical Approaches to Complex Chemotypes: Applications in Natural Product Synthesis.

The use of photochemical transformations is a powerful strategy that allows for the formation of a high degree of molecular complexity from relatively...
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Computational approaches to natural product discovery.
Starting with the earliest Streptomyces genome sequences, the promise of natural product genome mining has been captivating: genomics and bioinformatics would transform compound discovery from an ad hoc pursuit to a high-throughput endeavor. Until re

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Recent advances in phosphate tether-mediated natural product synthesis are reviewed. Synthetic approaches toward dolabelide C, (-)-salicylihalimide A, (-)-tetrahydrolipstatin, and (+)-strictifolione are included. In addition, current efforts in metho

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The selective functionalisation of C-H bonds is a powerful strategy for the construction of organic molecules and the Rh(II)-catalysed C-H insertion reaction is a particularly robust and useful tool for this purpose. This review discusses the inserti

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The first examples of the use of crotylation as a stereocontrolled complex fragment coupling strategy are described. Asymmetric aldehyde isoprenylation provides access to 2-substituted-1,3-butadienes that may be subjected to highly regio- and stereos

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Deficiency of mitochondrial complex I is encountered in both rare and common diseases, but we have limited therapeutic options to treat this lesion to the oxidative phosphorylation system (OXPHOS). Idebenone and menadione are redox-active molecules c

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Progress in the chemical sciences has formed the world we live in, both on a macroscopic and on a nanoscopic scale. The last century witnessed the development of high performance materials that interact with humans on many layers, from clothing to co

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Nature has evolved to produce unique and diverse natural products that possess high target affinity and specificity. Natural products have been the richest sources for novel modulators of biomolecular function. Since the chemical synthesis of urea by

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Efficient catalytic reactions that can generate C-C bonds enantioselectively, and ones that can produce trisubstituted alkenes diastereoselectively, are central to research in organic chemistry. Transformations that accomplish these two tasks simulta

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Despite their oftentimes-elusive ecological role, fungal natural products have, for better or worse, impacted our daily lives tremendously owing to their diverse and potent bioactive properties. This Janus-faced nature of fungal natural products inev