Persistent (unexplained) physical symptoms: evidence-based highlights.

Medically unexplained symptoms account for up to 50% of specialist referrals in the NHS, but because they tend to be seen in specialist clinics, healt...
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Patients with persistent medically unexplained physical symptoms: a descriptive study from Norwegian general practice.
Further research on effective interventions for patients with peristent Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS) in general practice is needed. Prevalence estimates of such patients are conflicting, and other descriptive knowledge is needed for

Causal explanatory pluralism and medically unexplained physical symptoms.
In this paper, we propose a methodology for investigating medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPSs). These symptoms are common in both primary and specialist medical practices, but are poorly understood. Currently, MUPSs are diagnosed via non-e

The resource utilisation of medically unexplained physical symptoms.
As patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms may present frequently to hospital settings and receive potentially unnecessary investigations and treatments, we aimed to assess the frequency and type of medically unexplained physical sympto

Should Unexplained Painful Physical Symptoms be Considered within the Spectrum of Depressive Symptoms?
To examine whether painful physical symptoms (PPS) can be considered within the spectrum of depressive symptoms.

Medically unexplained symptoms.
In summary, caring for patients with MUS is challenging for health care providers. Even defining somatization syndromes is complex and controversial, reflecting the medical community’s limited understanding of the pathophysiology for this group of di

Unexplained Painful Physical Symptoms in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: Prevalence, Pathophysiology and Management.
Patients with major depression often report pain. In this article, we review the current literature regarding the prevalence and consequences, as well as the pathophysiology, of unexplained painful physical symptoms (UPPS) in patients with major depr

What do patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) think? A qualitative study.
Context Medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS) are frequently encountered in family medicine, and lead to disability, discomfort, medicalisation, iatrogenesis and economic costs. They cause professionals to feel insecure and frustrated and pa