Pentamyrmecini, a new tribe for Pentamyrmex spinosus, a remarkable new genus and species of Pentatomidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Thailand. [Corrected].

Pentamyrmex spinosus new genus, new species is described, and a new tribe is erected for this remarkable insect. This is the first report of ant mimic...
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Sulawesifulvius thailandicus - a new species of the genus Sulawesifulvius Gorczyca, Chérot & Štys from Thailand (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Miridae, Cylapinae).
A new species of the genus Sulawesifulvius, Sulawesifulvius thailandicus Wolski, Yasunaga & Gorczyca, sp. n., is described from Thailand. The present finding also represents the first distribution record in Indochina for the genus. Color adult habitu

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A new genus and species of Macrosiphini (Hemiptera, Aphididae) from China, living on Isodon eriocalyx.
The aphid genus Nigritergaphis gen. n. is described, and N. crassisetosa sp. n. on Isodon eriocalyx (Dunn) Kudô (Lamiaceae) from Yunnan, China is described and illustrated. The new species curls and distorts the leaves of this important traditional C