Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 161st Meeting, 10 - 13 July 1990 at

The University of Nottingham, The Medical School, Queen's Medical Centre

SYNOPSES OF PAPERS Papers and posters presented at this meeting have not been refereed or reviewed by the Journal of Pathology

The influence of thyroid follicular cells on the induction of thyroid autoimmunity

Patterns of cellular differentlation in humanfetal, adult and pathological exocrine pancreas: correlation with m vitro and xenograft studies

I Todd Lorna Gdbon Clam Davenpon


L%uanmenr ollmmunoiogy Unuersily H w r l a l Queen 5 MWicai Cenrre Nollmgngnam NG-ZUH

ICRF Hisloparholog) Unil L8nColn s Inn F e b S London VC2 ICRF MMecuIar Oncoiogy Grwp Hammersm!rn Hos~ila Lomoo K 12 Deoanmenl olHislopalholog) S1 Bartholomew s Hnmilal London E C I A ?CRF EM Und LrnCOln S Inn Felds London WC2

Cells Which are the target of autoimmunity might mcdulatethe response directed against themselves This possibihly IS suggested by Observalionsof eclwic expresson of malor histocompatibilityclass I1mokcules lrequlredfor anfigenpresentationto helper T hlmphocytes) by epilhelial cells in tissues imcludingthe thyrotdl affected by autoimmune diseases w e have lnvestbgated the possnble role of thyroid follicular cells Ithyrocylesl in mcdulaltng thyrad Buloimmunny Thyrocyles hom August-strain rats were cultured wllh varrOUS hormones IIIIcIudmgthyrOld Stlmulallngharm-1and wllh or Without ~ntedarony (an lnducer Of Class IIeXpleSSlOn1 DrlOr 10 transfer Inlo the IhyrOtd lobes of Syn-8~ recipientrats Recipenls treated in lhts way Showed "0 LndUCtWnOr p r m t t ot ~ thyrmd bnlnration By Contrast transfer of treated thyrocyler lo recipient rats SIX days proor 10 an immunogenic challenge Wilh thyroid exlracl in adpvant Specifically suppressed the tnduction of thyroid autoantibadies(with less sffecl on thyroiditis) This inhibitory effect was observed regardless of Whether the thyrocyles had been treated with ~nterferon-yThese lrdtngs suppal a potential role lor target cells Ln modulating autoimmune reanivny

A ~ a l" i P J Coates R Del ~ u o n o T Oates



Schmeissner A P I Richman N R Lemoine

Anunderstandingofcellulardl~erenIlatlonand~sregulaIlonInacamplexePlthellaI StrUCIUreSuCh aSlhe DaflCreaS requires the use of a Canprehensweseries of m o l e ~ ~ lprobes ar to define cellular SUbpopulaImnS 1" suitable model syrlems Our strategy haS~nIOChalacterIseeapane1OfantlbodleSlhatdef~nespal~allyandtemporally regulated antigensandusethese antibodies10 analysethediffWentiallonof cultwed normal pancreas and a rangeof human panoeatlc WClnOma cell llnes The phenotype of the cell llnes In response lo culture In Collagen Or basemem membrane elements cullure on lawms of tibroblasts and growth as xenagrals m nude mice was SIudled The antibody w e 1 was screened on human adult and developingpancreasand examples of Chronic pancleatnits and a range of pancreatic turnours Secretory protein expresion Such as amylase was found m acinai cells and in ~ccaS~On~lcellswlth~nlheducls~lem All duclcells lncludlngcentroaclnarcellsexpressed keraI8n 19and Showed staining wilh CAM 17 1 Whtch recogntses a mucm-likemolecule Differences existed beletwee? extra lobular ducts (4D2 5C5 poS111vB) large intralobularducts (3810 posI~ve)and Small d u n radlcles PanCreallC turnours showed a d u n phenotype (as expected)and Which was in general sm1lar to that of the ma11 and medium Sized ducts Monolayer cuI1ures and nude mouse xenograns of 6 pancrealic cacinoma cell lines Showed a sm1lar duct like phenotypewllh CMIelatlon between mMphOlogicalddlerentlattonand immunophenolype TWOCeII11n85responded to CunUre ,n type 1 collagen by formation of duct lbke slruclures The proponion of Such Structures 8ncreaSed and their morphology improvedWith the addition 01 basement membrane components We Concludethat a range of relmble dltferenlialion markersand m v#m models MIW exist lor the study 01 regulationof dlfferenllalcon I" human exocrine Dancreatic cells

Cellular populations in primarytumours and their metastases studied by genetic tagging with a neomycin resistance gene D F Baban B F Moflell J B Taggan D Tarin N u f f M l % p r t m l d P a l ~ y John Radd8He HDSpllal Headtqlm Oxlord OX3 9DU

Wheneukanloticcal$arelranstectedWithDNA lhe~lesot~nlegrati~ofthedon~~uencesinlothegenomeare random Mnce each transfected cell gives rise to pogeny with dltferent and Characteristicintegrationpanerns Thtnepanernscanbeviuralisedasspec~ticanangementsolbandsbyprobingSaulhemMolsoflheirDNAandare considered Sable They can Iherelore be used lo sludy changer in the behaviwi and cmposition of cell populations We have used this technique !n two Bxrsrimenls Wnh different cell lmnes one metaSlafiCand the o l k r no1 In lhe first a mwse IlbrOSarComaline cIR4 Nu) was lrsnsfecled with pSV2 Neo and nmmycln restslant cell cloneswere Wed This polyclonalpopJat,on wasthen injected inlonudemice Analyssol DNAinalaIedhomfhe Expression of integrin cell adhesion molecules in malignant epithelial Sub-want Iumours indicated that many of the clin me wigma1 inoculum were still not pesent but that they werenot always thesameonesm IUmwrSfran dtfferenlanimals In IheSeCOndexperimentprimanland secondary tumours I U m O U r l m a I i o n IrOmthemmaslaI~cmouselibrosarcDma line KMwasst~diedwilhsmilailechniqUBS Here 01was M Pignalelll ' A M Hanby G W H Stamp' loundthatmorlotthepim-turnours were composed of mesams slngleclone Thustnlhisexwimenlthere was Bvldence Of Clonal Selecllon OT dmlnance m IUmWr progrsswon H D w v e r the integration panerns of DNA horn metastasessuggestedthat secondary d w s t s can develw trom variants not defectedm the lnlxled cell populallon but Whch arise WbSequenlly by genellc recambinahanand SdeclcOn event5 Hence the type Of eqwlrbnumWhich develops between dinerent clones m turnour tormalion can vary with the cell line chosen Also The lntegrlns are 06 heterodimericIranSmembraneplotems dwded tnlO three SubfamllieS (131 fis and baSed on clonal selection even15 and genetic Change may both be important m tumwr progressionand meta5taS15 the sharing Of a Common fi chain The fi, m t e p n chatn assocclates wllh One of at least 6 D Chalns and these heterodimersmediate cell-substratum as well as cell-cell interaclions their normal tuncl,on being critical in development and differentialion Changes bn the expression andlor fUnCliOn 01 the inlegrin receptors may ~npan e~plainthe abnormal panems of growth and dmerenllationoccuring tn malignantepithelial neoplasia Using Further studies on transfer of metastatic capability with genomic DNA monoclonal anllWbestothe6, (DH121 07 (B1 515)snd 03 (El 56)lnIegr8nchs8nstheexpresslonof Ihe 0 2 i i t and o,fi M Cairney A Taylor D Tarin lnlegrlnsweresludledonvyostalSecl~O~S0124c~lwect~adenocannMnas 13breasl carctnmasand22baral cell Carcinomas(BCCI by lndlrecl ommuno$.zcoxidaseslalnlng Reduced expresston 01 the p, a2 and o3 chalns was NuhMo D%?aimenIolPalkJqy John Ramltfle Hosoilal Headinglon Oxlord OX3 9DU found in 12/24 coloractal and 10113 breast carcinomas compared lo non-neoplastictissue In colorenal turnours RBWWS work inthis laboral- showedtransterof metastatic capabilitybytranSfeclion01 mOUselUmOUrceIIswllh there was a slat~sllcallysignificant arelatlon (p < 0 02) beween receptor BXPBSSLO~ and the degree of Iota1 genomic DNA hom human melaslalicmlanana (A375Mjcells The transfecled cells heavily colonised the mOmhologica1dlURentlattOn Ccnversely tn BCC there was a considerably h l g w expression of all three chams on lung~1n84%ofinoculaledanimals HumanDNAwasdelecled~nlhep~ma~l~anslectantsbySouthern bbningand the neoplasticepWelmI cells compared lo epidermal basal cells but Similar lo that ~ e e ~n n halr bulb and outer root by m sltu hybndlsaltonusmg human -4hC prDbes In the cunenl work we repon secondary tranSlecllOn 01heavy sheath These data confirm our p e v i w s hVpolhesis that loss 01 ability lo symhesise cell adhesion molecules metastatic capability With DNA f r m experimentallung melastass formed by the pirnary transleclants The DNA mediating mMphologiCa1dltferenlialion IS strongly favoured by seleclion and may Conlribulelo the unCOnlrOlled was trarulmed into the same mwse O b r O S a r m line m(4 Nu1 used as the recipient In the W l m w Iranstec(l0n Panern ot growth 01 colorecta1and breast carcinoma Higher exprewm of the a2& a$, tntegnns m BCC may Thesecondarytran~fxFC1anlsveremoculaleddmanvdemiceaathelailveinandheavilycolonisedlhelungs~n85% reflecla highdegreeotdifferentialionlowardslhehairfdlicleandpernapsaccount lorthemoreindolent panemof of animals Usngthe @ymerase cham reactionand primers SpeclflCforhumanNU repal Sequences We have BIY) growth CharaclsnSltC of this lumour detectedconcomitanttransfer 01 human DNA intothe Second- transteclanls The resunspowde tunher evidence that melastaticcapablltly Can be Conferred by Iran5fer Of genomic DNA Cunent Work 811115 to clone the human sewences tmm the Secondarytranstectantsand test whether lhey have a speattc Caural role ~nmetastasis


An improved model for the study of colorectal tumour differentiation. R Del Buono R PoulJom M Pignatell?

Studies of cell proliferation in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded bone marrow trephine biopsies using the monoclonal antibody PClO

'ICRF H s l w m o M g y unir L o o a n WCZA 3PN 01 H8SIwlhcdcgy H;Mmerrmth Hospilal Lmdon W I Z OHS

B S Wilkms S Hams D B Jones


Extracellularmatnxproleins suchaslype Icollagen inducedmerentialm inanumber of epiIhehalcelllh%s Such studis have ~onlnbuledlo the develcimwm 01 m n M mOdelS for the study 01 cell dineremiallon The m ylvo equ~v&mlotIheaemOdel~iithexenoggratlmg ot hUmancamertissueSintoimmunadeticienl(nude)mice We have I&& al me dfecl of growing a human coIwxFC1al carcinoma cell line (HRA-19)m tvpe Icollagen gels (glandular slrucluresresunmg) and l b xetwgrattmg this stwlure into nude m c e lo dtllermlne whether the in n M envmronml could induce tunher dafferenlml,m At 7 davs the xanogran conssled of cystic Slruclures llnedby a monolayerotsquamcusdls Theraalsowetealew undmerentialedaggregatesat cells By 14 days mo~seslromaI cells had invadedthe collagen gel Direct contact wih the xenografled HRA 19 cells appeared lo induce the squamous cells seen at day 7 lo becane more enlemcytic an appearance and character showing increased cell shedding tnto the IUmina and decreased rnnolic actwily Preliminary studies uslng "I snu hybndisaliontechniques showedtypeIVcollagenmRNAlobepesent mtheundlflerenliaedaggregalesolcellsalday7 mdnolinthebener dinerenlmled qsliuglandular SIrucIures A PAS Wsnwe basement memmane was apparent arwnd the glands at 21 days Thlscell-malnxxenogran system wll be usetultorlunher studis 01 moleculareventscomtolllng epthello mesenchymal imeraclions


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unmnily Department 0IPalMlogy LeW E S B o c k SrulnamolonGeneral Hosprial Trwnona Road Souinampion

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TO dale there has been no immunohislochemicalmarker of cell prdderationreacllve in Iormal8n liied padl80 embedded biopsy tissue We have used the monoclonal anlnbcdy PClO reactive w!lh DNA polymerase della accessory protein (prolileralmgcell nuclear antigen PCNAI lo 1nves18galecall proibferallon~na ~ e r l e sof rout~neiv PVXB& normal and myelccuollteraliveb e manow trephine b w s e s PClO was used I" an ~mmunao/lochsmicaltechniqus lnCOnlUnCtlOnWnh arangedmOnKlona1anllbodies reactwewith eryihroid (alpha beta-staloglycoWote~nIgranulocyticlneutrophtlelaslase. CDl5 CD68) and [email protected] (glycOprolemIlla) cells PClO reaclivllybn eryihroid cells was reslnoed to immaturestages wnh few cells later than Wmy?hroblasls slining In the granulao/lic wtes only cells of myelocyte or earher mwhalogy expressing early granulocytic cytwlasmsanlgens showed reacllvlty wnhPClO ThereactivilyoflheanllbWywilh megakaryocyleswasvariable and did not correlate with the complexlty of nuclear lobulallon K t 0 allows the demonstral#onof the ~psltal diStribUliOn ot prol~leralmgcells mMin the normal marrow M&ed abnormalitiesIn this dlslnbmlon were s e e n ~n VBTIOUS myeloproliferalivestales







A new system for mRNA detection in routine paraffin sections by nonisotopic in situ hybridisation (NISH) using digoxigenin-labelled RNA probes ~~

Assessment of heterogeneity of cell proliferation in lung cancer using a monoclonal antibody to proliferating cell nuclear antigen


Expression of c-erbB-2 oncoprotein in salivary gland tumours: an immunohistochemicalstudy

"Dedifferentiation" of chondrosarcoma and enchondroma




The in vitro development of human monocytes into mature activated macrophages. Structural, biochemicaland irnmunophenotypicchanges associated with the acquisition of cytotoxicity

Immunoglobulin staining in reactive lymphadenopathy


An immunohistochemicalstudy of testicular biopsies in childhood leukaemia;reactivity of normal testicular components and leukaemic infiltrates


Gastric B cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue is a munifocaldisease




Influence of hypobaric hypoda in infancy on the subsequent development of pulmonary vascular disease


lmmunolocalization of tumour necrosis factor in the lungs of patients dying with adult respiratory distress syndrome



Which preservation method gives best colour retentionand fade resistance for museum specimens? T J

Sieawmwn'M KaY'AJ k p '

'WrndPamobgy Lb¶W3#yof.%5ff&iM~

BeechwRosd YlemaM s102m

Distribution of the V I A family of integrins in normal human tissues P I RMmrm. A J #Mane.M A

Hmon.'A McMay. S JPdan



NCL-CBE1; a novel monoclonalantibody recognisingthe external domain of the c-erbB-2 oncoprotein C J Watchom B Angus C H W H m e unrremiiy oINewcasiie UM" ivne Scrmi01 Pamawcar Scmces 0 MS~OPor Patmlqi soia V m - d nf-ari

r y e MI


~ L P

Geneamplificat~onandc erbB 2 oncoproteinovetexpess8onare as~.soc~aled with W a r prognosism breast Cancer As a prognostic #nd#cator c-stbE! 2 oncoprotein ~ X ~ W S Sd ~e lOe r~m r d lmmUnohiSlCChemlCallyIS ranked second only 10 m p h node stmus and undoubtedly wd llnd a place m detemtnmg the allocation 01 patients wlth breast caxec to dflerenl treatment regimes The human c&B 2 oncogene encodes a 185 KMr transmembrane glycop-Otan M M u g h m o n ~ ~ l o nant#bodms al lo me internald m a i n 01 the prolmnare uselul lor detamining o v m x p r e u m o f c e t b B 2 ~mbopsymalenal onlyamonoclonalam~Wdyrm~chrecogn~se~theenemaldoma~nol c-wbB 2 Could be used l a radio immunoscmtographrc and maaoeutic a ~ ~ l ~ ~ a l tSsveral m n s pept~des careopondmg to sequences loud m the emema d a m n 01me c erbB 2 oncoprotwn were synmesised mese regions Ol C-0 2 predlcled lo be [email protected] w e used lor prMUCtWX 01 mMDClOMland Wlyclonal a n s w i e s One papttde has yqeldedenective reagents l a 1mm~noh1stochBmi9tp1 lhe mouse monoclmal NCL CEEl producesmsmbraneasstlclated stainingin paraffinembeddedtiuue which iSIemovedbyPre-lncubat!onof theanlLbwtywithpept!de NCL CBEl alsostains themembranesolcellshomthehumanbreaSt Carcinomacellline SK BR 3whlChcontamsl28 foldovererpresslonolc WbB 2mRNA FunhermaeNCL CBEl r~ognlsesaproleln 01 the apprOPnafe mOlecUlar weight ~nWestem BlOnlng

Detection of HSV nucleic acid in human cornea by in situ hybridization and the polymerasechain reaction R E Bonshek C Dennet G M Cleator A G Lewis P E K l ~ p e rA B Tullo ~ ~ m l O / ~ # d ~ Unrrws,t) . d 01 ~Mmhesler ~ e s OxfDrC Roaa UanamPste, M ' 3 4FT Manchesler A o p l Eye Howlal Oxlord Rmd Manchester h.lI3 9 W

H umpbx keratitis (HSK) 1s a nwa cause 01 c m e a l 0pacNY with o e w e cases requrnngc a e a l transpramallon The typical c1m1wIlealures and recurrent nature 01 HSK rarely necessitateememon 01 YIWS by cumre M O I ~ O whilst O V ~n ~srelatwelyeasytomolatew~shomepithelialI e ~ ~ o n mwithu,al s dvssase vtruseolatlon tn chronk slrmal disease E m a e ddlacun and the hstopathologsal changes are not pathognomonr This study evduaesme vse~lmsnuhyimdmatlonandmePc+ymerasechamreactw (PCR)lodelecl herpes simDkx virustype I(HSV-I) nuc!e$cacd q m e s in roulrnakaamplany s(lsnmms Caneal drscs wereoblavm?h m 6 reopen15 pnatOlmnspImlat~onlaHSKAll had histologicalIeaturescanpahblemththlscllnicaldiagnosis Sevencontrols not snowing clm!caI a h i s t d o g i d 1ealur(1?1 s"gqes11vs d HSK w e also examined 5 p M r o n s 01 [email protected] IOmYlm fixed M d p a f h n w l ~ u uwl e hybndlzed rnth a b ~ d m - l M l s d M A probe 01 the thymidine kmase gna 01 HSV-1 Dmdar %elms 01 the cwere also examined by PCR The resuI1susmg both 1echnlqmsylgaJtthal m u t u h ~ u a t r w a n PCR d mll proveofvalu,fathespecdicpcst-transplant diagnosis of HSK and la me mvmQaIm d me r d e d HSV latency in hapsllc eye disease


Detection of numerical chromosomeaberrations in interphase nuclei C S Hemnglon J O D McOee

unrvwwv or oxtad Nume~aGwanmmlol Patholm~ya sacrendcgv


RaddVe ~ o s p r i aOxford 0x3 9DL

m e delmneatm 01 DNA sequences in intarphase nuclw by m snu hybndrsalionha5 been termed intwhase cflcgenescs Rapefars Chromoscma spech sequences have been used l o sw!ltcally delmeste individual chromoswnehmdheme31~dat&tmdnumencalabenmions Byus~ngprmesdenvedhommealphoidlamily of rapefitweMASpencentramc - m s can be Wactmdy highlighted As me centromre does not replicate In mtaphase numencalstmnnahhescan be detmed independent of cell aoliteraion we have used a probe spfmlu lor c h r m o r n 11 10 mvestigale3 c d l h mdenved trom corvlcal cnrcmmas namely Cask# HeLa and d pen%toabmnnatitms of this c h r o m m m are invdved m c m w l s,Ha &IS as II has bem ~ a t e mat carunopamls F r e q ~ e n c y d ~ s t n b u t ~ ~ sbeenaenvedlalhenumberolcopm have ~ ~ ~ e l l ~ l ~ h Ir1~ lorm ~ ~ ~ B c h d r m n B l ~ M i a n d c a n p ~ a d ~ l uh saql n ~m l aa~l lymphocytes ~ All mrmcell Imesarepolysaicfor chrMmSOme 1 1 but mere 1s mahed vanation In S Q " ~numbst per nucleus Implymg genetic hetwogenmty The vanatton m numbef of a mnieularchromosome m a -Islion d cdis can therdae be analyred However the smngencycondntonrla accuratachromosQne11 numrattonaregrsaterman those psdicted bysolutionlhmy mess results d m r t r a t t e mat tmemhau, c y i ~ t t c pwtamsd s unda approwale smngsocy can determtne numancalEburatoons m e effec~uelyman conventmat mefaphasekaryolyps analysis We have applied me collcluoom hom meSe mods1sptems 10 archwal matenal mm allows the comelalion olnumertcal chromosome abmationa m lumour ceds mth lumwr maphology

The effect of different fixatives on the AgNOR technique for nucleolar organizer region associated proteins D C Rowlands ' J CrDCker.' J G Ayms' of Hist-moMgyand Bnnrngnam B9 5.97


?3espratory M c m €as1 Birmmaham Howlai Bm&!ev Grew Easl

n hasbmnprwosedthman #~creasednumbefot thes~1~er5t~nmgmtranude~r sh~nuresthalare YiWalmd by lhe AgNOR t e c h n - e (and thus @led AgNORs)n related10 prdOaalwe anivity The mnhoa has the advantage 01 b s ~ n g a s p p l ~ c a b l e ~ o m a d m ehistolog~wtmatar~alinclud~ngparan~nabeddad ~~t~~ol Issue However it has ~ s w l g a t e d l h a 1 t h o V ~ S u a L a t i0o1n MNORS sdependent on the lypeandt!meOl f~xatlonrmployedmlsstudy set mt 10 quamdy this eH& wnh the Idlowing commonly used Lxalwes acetone absolute ethanol methanol C a m q s fiuid BarinslmaI#ve d%glutarnMenyde neutralbullNedlamaIinand lamal-rahe Both f r o z e n ~ e c l i ~ n ~ andMoCksolheshlonsiI were fixed ln~~ingt~mes,thebltksoltr?luethenbeing wocmsed rwtmnly In general AgNORsweomw t o d i m mhozensect~om t h a n i n p ~ a f h n s m ~ d e d l i u u e a n d m mtranucleolark!NORs ae aremtbkVhBn aIcMIoIIcIxat~vesareusedmparedtoaldehydelixatlon However AgNORs could beadequalsly demonstratedwth all the b x a t ~ e studied s and he difference between tmatmes was r o t great It ISconcluded that h x a t m ISnot a Lmttalton 10 the study 01 AgNORs provb$ed that the time and type 01 fixative 1s Wntiolled lo,

A comparative quality assessmentof anti-desmin and anti-vimentin antibody staining on paraffin embedded tissue A Wartad K P West LmaSPonw I L a w DepsmnenlolPamdopyCtrcarScmcesSUrrOm~L R c f f t w R o y e i ~ ~ a r FfJBor65 ? L ~ c e s i e rLE27U

mm m


e mi-aamnsnd MU-WW~~III mt#ms w e nudmin a SfMdwatW mannet Blocksd mtemrul wdl nd myomsblm were fiaed in the ldlomng Bourn's nuid. Canwy's Axatlve 10% l a



Actinomycosis of the skin and sott tissues C b a M.Thornton,M-

Y. W a . C. ti.WeM.' S o r p J. Hutchtunaon?D

B m '



Vanishing bile duct syndrome following liver transplantation is it reversible? S G Hubscher ' J M Ne-r ' J A C Buckels 'E Elias ' P McMastei

351 A

Application of proliferatingcell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunostaining in gastric carcinoma S Jam N Isabel Filipe ' P A Hall ' Naushm Wasseem D P Lane ' D A LeVISOn

' & w n m l o f P a l m UnerytvdsnrmngMm Bamingnam 5352TJ ' L w l M i I OueenEUabernHcspta, Bmrgham 8152TH

B2canmenl o l H S l a n l h X Q UMDS Guy s H m l a l L # v SE I9R' I C R F H ~ s t ~ l h O b gunit v 'ICRF Mdaulaar I m m m ~ ~ m ~ ~ l i L LWUW a D t o ~

Loss 01 bkt ducts IS a chwactennr bnurc d chronic rqectm ~nthe lhvei allograft Ithe vanahmg M e duct syndrome) Typcslly this m r s as a pcqresslve Wion resumng m mnwwstbktdamage and gran lallure requmng rmranrplantatwr In this nus, we dascnbe6 p a t m s who developed a transmnt loss a1 bile duns Idlowing liver UMSplSmPtHn Sgnhntdunopsnla dehnedastheabsexedblledunsm >50% otportaltrans was dxarved in t 3 d l e bopsy swcmens mtaned h m these wtatlents betusen8 days and 42 mmhs aner wansplantaticm Dtha hlstdogicalfeaturesd chmnr mpctuxl penvaular chdestas~sand hspatcqie d r m u t w e also seen in thesstmpuer andw e r e cholastasis was p r n v m bochem&cally As a m u l t ofthese changesa d i a g m s 01 chroniclinevnslblera~~onwesmnsiasred ~neach cp9e Thedec~smtocanyoutr~tian~pl~ntationwasdelened on the basis of stable md subsequsntly improving b ~ ~ ~ sFollow t r up y b o p s ~ showed s recovw of duct loss and aha hlstckQKala b n m a l n m All 6 patmnts we cunently ahve and well mth gaod gran IUnCtlOn It IS concluded mat a 1rMSRnt revusible bile duct loss can a c u r anw IIYWtransplantaticmand that cases wlth this cc--dtm reindist~ngu*ihe~hothoxwhowbsaquMlydevslop [email protected] damage Inv!ewotthensks 8990c1atedwnh addnimal tmmunoaupprsssion andlor retransplantmion ~ a ~ t i o IS n a d v a a t e d In the mtmfwtatlon 01 ductopsnla In mt-transplant h e r bwslss We suggest that the term %a+ chromc rejection" be used to dexnbe cases In which a delinite diapnms 01 rnevssiMe gran damage cannot be made

Rdderatmg call nuclear antqen (PCNA) a marker 01 prolilerative activny an IormalinItred pwaffm embedded tssuBs was inMB~gated~n88 cases 01 gastnc Carclnma PCNA lndex Was measured by an immunOperox8dase metha usng the monalonal antibody PCtO and all immunostatnea nude, were counted as posit~veSigniticanl mtratumwral venatwn was mcwntered and to allow for this as well as PCNA index a o%m#quantctatlve grahng system was devised which correspondedto estimatedwmbles 01 nxlear slamlng I1 = 0 - 2 5 % 2 - 2 6 5 0 % 3 = 5t-75% 1 = 7+1M)%) Both PCNA index and grade rhowed no CMelatlOnwlth eStPbllShed h,stOloglCal pwameters MI wwe they mated to turnour stage a ~ m e n c 01 e lymph ncde metastases Thn $9not unerpeaed glvanpra*iwssimilarrsponrwith other pralileratwemulrers Toanalysesulvwai tumourswilh PCNAindicesaDove andb(l(owthemedlanll(40 5%)werecomPmed Mhoughthosewlthahlgherlndel~owedatendencytowards waleprognosis thiswasnotstgnilict 5yearsuwwalbemg229. cmpwed10399m Howeverwhen PCNAgradde wasconvderednwasfwndtohavedel~n~teprognost~cvalue tumursotgradeS 1 and2sUrVivingbenerlhanthose 01 grades 3 and 4 @ = 0 02) The ablity 01 semiquentdattlvePCNA grading to allow lw lntla tumwral vwiation suggens n may have advantages over absolutecounting and llow wometn, which are Drone to Sampling error tn situations *rhere t u m u r heterogeneity ts a major tactor


Helicobacter pylon or not Helicobacter pylori? DNA sequence analysis of pig and baboon spiral organism isolates J A Lamenson ' S A HO' J I Wyan 'D S Tompkms 'D A Secker 'F A Lewis ' M F Diron G R Taylor 'P


Oemnmenls01 Pafnoba u * m01~Leeds LSZ LUT

?St Jams s Hospital L&s %milord Royal l n h m v Bradlord 'DU4 L a b o r a l q Leeds General Infirmary Lesds

Gastric spplralw g a m occur m a vanaty 01 animals Anhough f r e q m t l y associatedWlth gastma they are maphologlcallyand bIocIwmlcallydmerenthom human W#cct%9clerpfion Two banenal Isolateshom a Pg and a babmn are morpholcglcallyand bmhemiCallysimilar to H pyim but ConClUSNepro01 IS lacking 01 tmr exact rdmlcmshlpto Me humanWgMlSm H py+mwas clmdled and sepyated horn the Campylobacterson Me basls Of nbaomSl165 RNAIIBSrRNQdnhomClogy ther~wewehsvainvesligatedtheraq~esolthegeneencod~ng 1GSrRNAfrOmtheseM1msl I W a m Mdcompvadlhan tothc-ot H pykm A 1 kb hagman1of lhegeneatmdlng 16srRNA was ampldmd u w g PCR l o Qmwate dcuble stranded DNA and en asymmetric PCR to pcduce single S t f l n d s d DNA. UUng&l IWemalplmnMdthedWxysequnclngfeactwn27QbOIDNAsequanut WaSoDtatned Both pigandbnboon 186mes-8 >W3% hom4q)omtotheH py+msequences TOgetherwnhthe mMphologlcal and m h a n w ldata this IS srnvmarq wvldence that these organisms are H py+m It 0s most IbkeIy mat these animmsam tnfected vim hH py+m


SYNOPSES OF PAPERS Scanning electron microscopy studies of the origin Of the proximal tubule in animals S J Lee &pmlnEofofPalkdCq Urr*errrfyolBmmqham i h e M C a i ~ Bm"!G?ham f W15ZTJ

Scanningdacfron mlaoscaey gweS B 3 - d ! m s ~ o n arepexntallon I Of Complex SfIUCtUreS wtth details of the swiacemorpbdagy T~bularpolssofrsnalcaplscbswerestudiedbyscanningelenronmicroJcopylnarangeot mammalian species The kidneys were prepared usmg vascular pertualon Illation Each animal Showed some

SYNOPSES OF PAPERS Primary C.N.S. lymphoma. A clinical and pathological study


An analysis of the cervical biopsies received from the colposcopy clinic based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary over an 18 month period in terms of both histology and epidemiology





Alterations in oligosaccharideexpressionin oral leukoplakia and squamous cell carcinoma

Alkaline phosphataseactivity of the rectal mucosa in ulcerative colitis C D h a m Corfleld J R Clamp M Hall R A Mountfad H S Rlgby B F Wanen

D May.' P Yoan N Wade ' R F T McMahOn

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' ~ f l ~ t s o l ~ M s d * ~ a n d P a f ~ ~ ~ i S C~r lsr -nr cy e a rs~ a m ~ r e Mmchesfer i M I 5 6%

Several studies have been m e d out on the level of alkalme phowphatase(API anivify tn ulcerativecolllis (UCI ThesestudieshavefounderthernodmerencebetweBn UCandnormalmucasaora~Ilghtlncrearethatdld notreach signdtcence However our own w a x has thmwn doubt M tlMse hndmgs and we deCIde0 to re-examine the problem Pairedrmal biOL1s1eSweretakenlrm24patlmtrwl~ knownUC Acmtrolgrwpconsisted of 29patients mmwtthedtsea~eDnebiopsy~aspaes~edlwraut~mhlstolopyandasressedasatheractiveorlnactlve The 0 was hamogen~redIn buffer and lllcubated mlh p-nnrqhenylphasphatefa60 minutes follovlng wh8Ch the absomtnon was measured DNA was measured by the dtphenylamme methcd and pmtan by the Lo- technique Ihep~v~s~analrasunssx-sedasmUn~tsAPl~gDNAvaeasfonows cmtrolgrwp 0 53 + 0 20 totaIUCgroup 1 31 0 58 (p < O W o l ) ThemsunloraCtweUC[n= 911 63 ? 0 56andmatlatheinanivegroup(n - 15)was 1 12 z 0 52 (p = 0 05) TheresunEfaAPmlat~vetaWot~ngaveessentiallyrlmllarstatisticalllndlngs Thustn contrast to prevnxpjhndmgs WB have larnda hghv sgnbhcant 1mre2sem alkahne phosphatasem ulcerative colltn In addnton mere IS a signihcant dmermce beadwe and inactivedisBase and this may thefelae iepresmt an OblWllve assBSSmBnl Of disease anNV

Sacd.landesBqMC€eS apsowted mth the Wthellal Companent 01 c d leukoplakiaand SquBmOUS cell Carenma hom YMWS mes in the oral cevlty w e Bxamwd uslng a panelof Itfieen biotmylatedIeCtinS The w i n binding p a t a r u o b u * v a d l n u a l I w k ~ i a v a e v a n a b l e w n h i n t h e ~ l c abut5hOredclOSBSimilantleStothenmal v~ wnhalom at the oama Mes Ths patan d cellcapping noted in namsland leukoplahc epnhelia mth N acewl galac+mammespecfic h n s . was not apparent in quamwr mII ~ a r c i r n aLoss 01 HPA and DBA bndmg was also obsaved in c a r r r m wtvch IS c o ~ l s t e nwth t m p m s 01 loss d blood grwp A antigen expression m a a l c m u m a Harrsvu bndingwas rn wth DE!A and HPA alter neuammldm veatment and M e was no svldam01 inassrsdexpmwon of H c h r n Type 2 (UEAt and LTA) exp-on In c a r c i r n a

Bnsld Roya/m*rma.? MalDDIougn Sfre1 L k l o SS? BHll


lmmunohistochemicalstudy of macrophage sub-populations in distal ulcerativecolitis D M McKenna C J OBrlen H Hdden

Oemnmenls01 Palnaogy Universlry 01 Shemeid&lexicalScnool k h HdIR-0 Stemel0 S ? C ZRk Dsf~nmenrolGarfmferdogy R q a l M r n s n r e mrnlal CJOssopRoad Shema S 10 hs(alulcsrativeCalitis(DUC)acharacteniedbyactivecontinuousdlseaselnvolvingtherectumandrigmoidcolon nevertnvdvmngtMpoximalc-z+m Theamoltheptlolstudy was t0Character~28andcomparethemacrophagesub Pgxrlabonstn the apoarently n m a l (sphac lkxexure) and Inl!dllleddistal (rectal) mucosa tn DUC Increased mauwhage h e t e r m f yhas been demonstratedin ulceratwecotitis and CrOhn s disease comparedwith n m a l m o s a but wRh mtra-parmt assssnmt of disease anivlty at dlerent mucossl locattons We used manOClonal antibodes to Idaih,tissue marnophages (LeuM5) imerdignating(antmgenpresentmg) macrqhages IRFDt) and mature (restmg)mazophages mFD7) m wen patientswith DUC and In two patienti n m a l mucosa RBSU~S are expressed as a pgmntage of total inllammatmy mlls on the lamina prowla 01 me DUC patients dtstal mucosa contamed a mean 43% (range 37-62)LmM5 m n i v e cells a mean43% (range 27-56) RFDl F a i t i v e cells and a mean27% Bange 1E-W RFD7 ~ o s i t cells ~ e The poxma1muEosa f r m these patients contained a mean t 8% ( r a n p 1132)LauMS positivecalk smean2U%(range9-54)RFDI postt~vedlsBodammZl% (range 1 4 3 1 1 RFD7 p i t i v e mlk N m cobnic mucosal samples contained8% LeuM5 positive m11s both proximallyand distally 4%RFDt andRFD7 -,bvecaUsponmally.and2% 1 6 % RFDl hRFD7 Dosit,vecelbdistaltyresped*eh, numbtv 01both Xavenger and Though tha numberr ~nmtS mBal study are mall the muhs show an m a t u r e m a c r a p h a g e s m t h e a O ~ e n t l y n m a l p m n ~ c ~ l c m u c o a a dsuggestingamaediHusediseare WC pocess than IS histologc=dly percaved in these p a t a s




Extracorporealshock-wave lithotripsy(ESWL) producesno medium term tissue compositionchanges in the human gallbladder wall K Sargen ' T J Staphensm ' A G Johnson ' 6 ROSS '




Combinedsurgery and cytopathology breast out-patientsclinic P C H W a l t ' L M Caughley'M V m ' R A J Spence'G W CdllngSmee3

aspan-ts d CVtDpari~dm~ and HisrwarnoMgy Royal V c l m Hmplal Senast w a s t CIfY H W t a I

bspenmenrotsurgq. R O ~mm I ~ a s r ~ i am i sr


Routine diagnosis of mammary Paget's disease a modem approach A H~tchCc&.'S T w m J Ball. C W EWon I 0 ELs


Factors influencing glomerular size



Lectin histochemistry of prostatic gland normal, hyperplastic and carcinomatous




Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 161st meeting. 10-13 July 1990, Nottingham. Abstracts.

Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland 161st Meeting, 10 - 13 July 1990 at The University of Nottingham, The Medical School, Queen's Medic...
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