Panic attacks.

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Sex determinants of experimental panic attacks.
Panic disorder is twice a common in women than in men. In women, susceptibility to panic increases during the late luteal (premenstrual) phase of the menstrual cycle, when progesterone secretion is in rapid decline. This article considers the evidenc

Panic attacks after treatment with zuclopenthixol decanoate.
The association between neuroleptics and anxiety is unclear: neuroleptics have been used to treat anxiety though may also themselves be anxiogenic. We present the case of a man who developed new onset panic attacks after treatment with zuclopenthixol

Weekly and holiday-related patterns of panic attacks in panic disorder: a population-based study.
While chronobiological studies have reported seasonal variation in panic attacks (PA) episodes, information on the timing of PA by week-days may enable better understanding of the triggers of PA episodes and thereby provide pointers for suitable inte

Panic attacks and hoarding disorder: an initial investigation.
Panic attacks (PAs) defined as a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, occur in the context of numerous anxiety and mood related disorders. Research has suggested that PAs serve as a significant indicator and prognostic factor for overall sy

Recurrence of Panic Attacks after Influenza Vaccination: Two Case Reports.
Human influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. The influenza vaccination is recommended annually, but several adverse effects related to allergic reactions have been reported. Panic attacks are also known to occur,

Ambient ozone concentration and emergency department visits for panic attacks.
The effect of ambient air pollution on panic disorder in the general population has not yet been thoroughly elucidated, although the occurrence of panic disorder in workers exposed to organic solvents has been reported previously. We investigated the

Negative affect and smoking motives sequentially mediate the effect of panic attacks on tobacco-relevant processes.
Empirical work has documented a robust and consistent relation between panic attacks and smoking behavior. Theoretical models posit smokers with panic attacks may rely on smoking to help them manage chronically elevated negative affect due to uncomfo

Panic attacks 10 years after heart transplantation successfully treated with low-dose citalopram: a case report.
在接受心脏移植的患者中,惊恐发作是很常见的,但对于这些患者的惊恐发作,没有专门的临床治疗指南。本文报告了一例22岁女性在心脏移植术后10年发生惊恐发作。患者得知心脏移植后平均存活时间是10年之后,出现了惊恐发作。予以西酞普兰10 mg/d治疗,2周后症状明显好转,8周后症状完全消失。定期随访、医患关系良好对鼓励患者坚持西酞普兰治疗至关重要。患者持续服用西酞普兰7个月,无明显不良反应。在停用西酞普兰3个月后随访时,惊恐发作未复发。.