work well over our contracted hours doing the best we can. Because we want the best care possible for our patients, we need to be spreading the word about what is being done to our NHS by this government. We need to fight back against the dismantling of the NHS, tell our friends and families what is happening, write to our MPs and go on protests. Join the National Health Action Party ( and get campaigning. Karen Chilver, by email

MORBID OBESITY IS EXPLOITED FOR PLEASURE OF ARMCHAIR VOYEURS You would think from glancing at this month’s TV and radio listings (Reviews January 8 and 15) that we are all terribly unfit and out of condition. That may be the case, particularly after the festive season’s excesses. But there is a world of difference between being slightly overweight and being morbidly obese – particularly with the life-threatening conditions and vastly reduced mobility associated with obesity. Recent series such as Weight Loss Ward, Bigger Big Body Squad and My Baggy Body reveal the effects of morbid obesity on people’s health and wellbeing. They do not make for comfortable viewing. But am I alone in seeing something almost voyeuristic and exploitative in much of this TV programming, with its focus on weight and size rather than health? So many of the morbidly obese people featured on these programmes are uneducated and disadvantaged. They smoke and drink, live in squalor, and belong to socioeconomic groups that tend to make less use of healthcare services. There is no educational value in these TV series. The programme makers as well as the viewing public seem to be just armchair voyeurs, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes. Elizabeth Adamson, by email

OUR MOST INTIMATE DATA MUST BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL Medical research organisations, including the Association of Medical Research Charities, have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of sharing data from patient records with researchers. Our most intimate personal details must only be shared for research with our explicit informed permission, not with our assumed consent. If pension providers and insurance companies get hold of this data, there could be dire consequences for individuals. It could lead to the leaking of people’s mental health conditions and sexual history, for example. This imminent dismantling of patient privacy is a blatant breach of trust in our health service’s integrity. Joyce Robins and Roger Goss, co-directors, Patient Concern, by email

HELP US FIND LORRAINE FOR ANNIVERSARY CRUISE TO BRUGES Having qualified in December 1987, the October ’84 set at New Cross Hospital and the Royal – now the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust – will hold our 30th reunion this year. We are looking to trace Lorraine Douglas, one of our group, and would be grateful for your help. If anyone knows Lorraine, could you please ask her to email me, Lisa Millar (née Hanwell), at [email protected] We will be celebrating the anniversary with a two-day cruise to Bruges in October, and it will be such a special occasion. Meanwhile, love and best wishes from Jan, Sally, Tonia, Lynn, Katrina, Claire, Sue, Paula, Caro, Gail, Fiona, Helen and me. Lisa Millar, by email

REUNIONS Are you planning a reunion or trying to trace former colleagues? Email [email protected] with the details and we will post them at

TWEETS OF THE WEEK As to nurses & drs saying sorry, what about chief execs & trust directors? #mid-staffs @nursehels

I have to apologise to pts often, especially when their surgery is cancelled! Usually nurses are nominated person! @cwelshy2012

Shame we’ve little power to make orgs improve too. Duty of Candour would have really helped. @MsNaughtyCheese

I will always apologise, I’m human after all! @Clara_O

Completely agree but often staff are so afraid of the potential consequences. @DanielleKindon

Was asked today whether some CNSs are Drs on the cheap! Wrong? Right? Offensive? RT and discuss. @stulees4

CNS’s are maxi nurses not mini Drs using specialist knowledge to deliver complex patient care. @gbtpo

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through care environments in England. I’ll show you staff gaps that would give you sleepless nights. @el1ucidate

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