On recursion.

It is a truism that conceptual understanding of a hypothesis is required for its empirical investigation. However, the concept of recursion as articul...
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Probing recursion.
The experimental probing of recursion in human performance is faced with non-trivial problems. Here, I analyse three case studies from the literature and argue that they tell us little about the underlying mental processes at play within each of thes

Representing visual recursion does not require verbal or motor resources.
The ability to form and use recursive representations while processing hierarchical structures has been hypothesized to rely on language abilities. If so, linguistic resources should inevitably be activated while representing recursion in non-linguis

Recursion to food plants by free-ranging Bornean elephant.
Plant recovery rates after herbivory are thought to be a key factor driving recursion by herbivores to sites and plants to optimise resource-use but have not been investigated as an explanation for recursion in large herbivores. We investigated the r

Recursion: what is it, who has it, and how did it evolve?
Recursion is a topic of considerable controversy in linguistics, which stems from its varying definitions and its key features, such as its universality, uniqueness to human language, and evolution. Currently, there appear to be at least two common s

Recursion-Transform method to a non-regular m × n cobweb with an arbitrary longitude.
A general Recursion-Transform method is put forward and is applied to resolving a difficult problem of the two-point resistance in a non-regular m × n cobweb network with an arbitrary longitude (or call radial), which has never been solved before as

Is recursion language-specific? Evidence of recursive mechanisms in the structure of intentional action.
In their 2002 seminal paper Hauser, Chomsky and Fitch hypothesize that recursion is the only human-specific and language-specific mechanism of the faculty of language. While debate focused primarily on the meaning of recursion in the hypothesis and o

Syntactic Recursion Facilitates and Working Memory Predicts Recursive Theory of Mind.
In this study, we focus on the possible roles of second-order syntactic recursion and working memory in terms of simple and complex span tasks in the development of second-order false belief reasoning. We tested 89 Turkish children in two age groups,

The language faculty that wasn't: a usage-based account of natural language recursion.
In the generative tradition, the language faculty has been shrinking-perhaps to include only the mechanism of recursion. This paper argues that even this view of the language faculty is too expansive. We first argue that a language faculty is difficu

Using recursion to compute the inverse of the genomic relationship matrix.
Computing the inverse of the genomic relationship matrix using recursion was investigated. A traditional algorithm to invert the numerator relationship matrix is based on the observation that the conditional expectation for an additive effect of 1 an

Discovery of a Recursive Principle: An Artificial Grammar Investigation of Human Learning of a Counting Recursion Language.
Learning is typically understood as a process in which the behavior of an organism is progressively shaped until it closely approximates a target form. It is easy to comprehend how a motor skill or a vocabulary can be progressively learned-in each ca