Neurophobia among medical students.

To assess the attitude of medical students and junior physicians toward neurology...
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Neurophobia is the fear of neurosciences held by medical students and doctors. The present study aims to identify whether Neurology is considered a difficult subject by medical students and non-specialist doctors from Sri Lanka and evaluate reasons f

Curing neurophobia in medical schools: evidence-based strategies.
Medical students often perceive neurology as the most difficult medical specialty. This perception is described as 'neurophobia' in the medical literature. Several studies have cited poor teaching, complex examination, and separation of basic and cli

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Proliferation of the use of psychopharmacologic drugs for the treatment of individuals with attention and behavior disorders has promoted discussion of the illicit use of such drugs to enhance academic performance. Previous research has focused on th

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Electrocardiogram (ECG) is commonly used in diagnosis of heart diseases, including many life-threatening disorders. We aimed to assess skills in ECG interpretation among Polish medical students and to analyze the determinants of these skills.

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